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  Columnist: Peter Fotis Kapnistos

Image credit: Wikipedia

Uri Geller in Greece: part three

Posted on Friday, 22 January, 2010 | 5 comments
Columnist: Peter Fotis Kapnistos

[!gad]Metal bending celebrity Uri Geller first became conscious of his strange ability when he was approximately five years old. He was playing in a neighbor’s yard in Tel Aviv when “a light from the sky” hit him and knocked him to the ground. Soon after that, he was having a bowl of soup — when his spoon bent and broke.

Years later, an Israeli man named Yaakov Avrahami recalled in the past going to a Tel Aviv bus station and seeing a ball of light: “At that certain moment I noticed a little boy with a white shirt come out from the building to the left.” Avrahami said he saw the ball of light trail the youngster.

The exact cause and composition of ball lightning has yet to be determined. There may be several different varieties. But it usually appears as a grapefruit-sized sphere of light moving slowly through the air, which may end by fizzling out or exploding.

Prominent witnesses have observed ball lightning in previous times. In Acts 2:3, “tongues of fire” seemed to float around on the day of Pentecost. Czar Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, reported seeing a ball of light float into the window of a small church while in the company of his grandfather: “The ball (it was of lightning) whirled around the floor, then passed the chandelier and flew out through the door into the park.”

The Dutch News agency recently reported that on July 19, 2009, at least 100 homes in a district of the town of Soesterberg were hit by ball lightning. The lightning, a rare atmospheric phenomenon, wrecked hundreds of televisions, computers, telephones and central heating systems, the report said. In some households, flames came out of electronic equipment. In others, electric sockets sprang off the wall. “I saw the lightning shoot through the street,” one eyewitness told reporters. “The fireball hit a large fir tree and then went into a house,” he said.

* * *

Before Uri Geller finished his ten-week Greek reality show TV series “O diadohos tou Uri Geller” (The Successor of Uri Geller) introduced on October 24, 2009, I had the opportunity to attend his 8th program. I was in the ANT1 TV Athens studio audience on December 12.

In the studio cafeteria I bumped into Uri’s wife, Hanna, encircled by a group of young people with soft drinks and sweets. The senior editor of Focus magazine Christos Tsanakas chatted about statistics and dark matter with iconographer Giannis Tsolakos and his son Dionysus close by. Escorted by production assistant Laura Neri, I briefly greeted Uri Geller in his dressing room. But the situation there was far too rushed and jumping with folks for Uri to manage any of my mind testing.

Antenna TV host Christos Ferendinos and his creative director Kostas Grigorakis carefully reviewed last-minute details before the live broadcast. Countess Vanessa Kosta Pomponi with her husband Paolo and a few friends were also in the audience, keenly waiting for the show to get underway. Guest stars that gathered on the stage included model and presenter Vicky Kaya, and other national television celebrities.

The ANT1 TV studio was well designed and up to date. I walked around a multiplex of rooms specifically constructed for recording live to video. I unconsciously sensed that Zakris would finally win the Greek mentalist talent show. But I was also concerned that some observers were cautious about Uri Geller, accusing him of misleading the public with claims of supernatural powers.

* * *

What happens to you when you get struck by lightning? In “Act of God,” the Canadian filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal portrayed real-life stories to examine the jarring subject. In his book “Struck by Lightning,” mathematician Jeffrey Rosenthal endeavored to find out how often a result will happen just by chance. Some traditional beliefs suggest that people who miraculously survive lightning strikes can develop extraordinary talents.

Convincing proof emerged in the United States in 1994, when 42-year-old orthopedic surgeon Tony Cicoria was struck by lightning and quickly developed a passion to play the grand piano. He is depicted in the book “Musicophilia” by neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, whose acclaimed “Awakenings” was made into a film with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Tony Cicoria wasn’t musically gifted before the lightning strike. But ever since, his aspiration to play the piano has been fervent. Now, he plays to sold-out audiences and lately premiered his “Lightning Sonata,” a tour de force motivated by Cicoria’s weird incident. In the 1996 film “Phenomenon,” John Travolta was struck by lightning and realized extraordinary powers.

Savant Syndrome is a rare, but amazing condition in which persons exhibit almost unimaginable mental powers –– including musical, mathematical, artistic, verbal, and calendrical “savantism.” The website of the Wisconsin Medical Society lists 29 savant profiles. As described by leading researcher Darold Treffert, the Acquired Savant has extraordinary intellectual abilities as a result of traumatic brain injury or autism and developmental disability. But the Sudden Savant is an otherwise normal person who suddenly and unexpectedly acquires savant-like talent.

The autistic genius Kim Peek was the basis for the 1988 academy-award-winning film “Rain Man,” with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. It brought international attention to the Savant syndrome. Nowadays, Daniel Tammet is a well-known numerical savant who can figure out cube roots quicker than a calculator and recall pi to 22,514 decimal places. Stephen Wiltshire has the ability to draw exact replicas of what his eyes have seen after a quick glance, down to the exact number of windows in tall skyscrapers. Albert Einstein was a math savant who had slight autism symptoms. Benjamin Franklin, the explorer of electricity, was also a gifted savant –– evidently struck by lightning.

Medical research is presently looking into lightning’s possible effects on the human brain’s electrical circuitry. In the BBC documentary “Lightning: Nature Strikes Back,” a lightning strike victim received magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Even though there was no apparent physical damage, the electrical impulses revealed that his brain functions were re-wired by the lightning. In another analysis of human cognition, Allan Snyder discovered that people undergoing transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) could for a few minutes suddenly exhibit savant intelligence –– exceptional surges of brilliant mental ability –– as a short-term effect of magnetic brain stimulation.

Associate professor Koichi Takaki at Iwate University in Japan recently tested DNA’s reaction to high-voltage lightning –– with 50,000 to 100,000 volts for a 10-millionth of a second. During the artificial lightning process, Takaki found that “secreted protein and enzymes initially decreased but then multiplied dramatically.” He said lots of lightning yields a good harvest of everyday farm crops such as shiitake mushrooms. (“Lightning prods shiitake to multiply,” Japan Times, January 1, 2010)

Scientists at Florida’s Scripps Research Institute have shown for the first time that “lifeless” proteins, devoid of all genetic material, can evolve just like higher forms of life. Charles Weissmann, who led the study, said: “In viruses, mutation is linked to changes in nucleic acid sequence that leads to resistance. Now, this adaptability has moved one level down –– to prions and protein folding –– and it’s clear that you do not need nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) for the process of evolution.” (“Lifeless prion proteins are capable of evolution,” BBC, January 1, 2010)

If protein and enzyme secretions can significantly multiply via lightning processes, and “protein folding” is able to evolve as higher life forms do, an electromotive force might also critically alter the optical discharges or “biophoton emissions” of DNA molecules. Researchers at the Joint Quantum Institute led by Ian Spielman have recently created “synthetic magnetic fields” using visible light. With the metal bending ability of Uri Geller, biophoton emissions evidently convey a charge on neutral atoms and create a synthetic magnetic field to which they respond –– even though no field is present.

* * *

On a warm, windy day, stand and shuffle your shoes briskly on an acrylic carpet –– then touch a metal object. You’ll hear, feel and may even see a spark. For reasons still unclear, certain individuals can store not only sparks, but also large amounts of electricity in their bodies, discharging it with consequences ranging from humorous to extremely dangerous. (“Supercharged People,” By Mark Hall, hubpages.com)

In 1988, British newspapers featured Pauline Shaw, 46, who claimed that her body was so full of electricity that her touch could damage household appliances. She was reported to have destroyed 25 irons, 18 toasters, 15 kettles, 6 tumble dryers, 10 washing machines, 12 television sets, 12 radios, 3 VCRs, and at least 250 light bulbs. She said that she once damaged her bank’s computer by leaning on the terminal. Doctors who examined Pauline theorized that hypersensitivity or stress might have somehow been responsible for her condition. She had destroyed every appliance in her house –– but her strong point was light bulbs. When she walked beneath one, it exploded.

In 1980, Cheshire woman Jacqueline Priestman, at the age of 22, suddenly noticed she was changing the channels on her TV set without touching it. Sparks would leap from electrical sockets when she moved toward them. When Jacqueline touched something made of metal, she’d get an electric shock. By 1984, Jacqueline had wrecked more than 24 vacuum cleaners and local service men refused to visit her home.

Sally Wallbank of Lancashire is another supercharged being listed in the UK, where there are about 40 people similarly able. She had blown the motors in 6 washing machines and 5 vacuum cleaners, wiped her mortgage record from her bank’s computer, and caused a cash register to charge two thousand dollars for a lettuce. Sally immobilized every car she had traveled in due to electrical system failures.

Related reports are so frequent that Street Light Interference (SLI) Syndrome is now routinely alleged to be a person’s interference with electrical items. People that cope with this condition are known as “SLIders,” a phrase coined by Hilary Evans, a British archivist and writer. According to Holly Beth Anderle ( writing in Mind and Soul at Suite 101 ): “Computers may malfunction, batteries go dead, sound systems blow, and cell phone batteries refuse to hold a charge or the phones themselves go haywire. Most SLIders have no idea what is happening to them or what is causing the problem.”

Could the Street Light Interference syndrome be a kind of mental savantism related to biological electromagnetic fields? During his research, Hilary Evans quoted a leading Hungarian physicist who is an authority on ball lightning:

“In my opinion during such incidents some special, presently not known type of magnetic field is created around the body, which has an effect upon the structure of the materials. Consequently their fundamental properties are changed temporarily: like their tensile stress, electric conductivity, magnetic momentum, optical properties, etc. The same effects are detected in the case of ‘metal bending,’ or similar features are observed sometimes around ball lightnings.”

As for the case of ‘metal bending,’ professor George Egeyly, a Budapest physicist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Central Research Institute for Physics, in recent times put pen to paper saying: “I put the spoon that Uri bent into my pocket and kept checking it every 3-4 minutes. It gradually bent to about 90 degrees in 15 minutes while in my own possession with no one around me. The spoon was later examined by electron beam scattering.”

* * *

I met with Uri Geller in Athens once more before the New Year. He came with his manager Shipi Shtrang to the Image Design Centre wax museum, run by Dimitris Hasekidis and Stella Ioannidou. But just as Uri embarked on bending a spoon, I suddenly experienced the SLIders condition. After only five photos my digital camera screen said: “Replace Batteries.” Yet the batteries were by all accounts freshly charged. The mix-up led to some finger pointing.

Uri’s critics fail to recognize that the real meaning of the “Geller Effect” is that metal bends without him touching it. In November, I had seen a spoon’s handle slowly bend by itself for almost a minute as it lay on a floor. A former officer of the US National Security Agency also once said: “As he talked, the spoon continued to bend and fell on the floor.” Dr. Wernher von Braun of NASA renown likewise reported: “Geller has bent my ring in the palm of my hand without ever touching it.” Astronaut Edgar Mitchell said that Uri is not a magician, and those who claim he plays with slight of hand or other trickery are in fact ignorant of the Geller Effect.

My mind suddenly raced back to the 1970s. I had a daydream about windmills, the isle of Mycone, and Mr. Landon Kite, Staff Assistant to the President of America. He once considered “remote viewing” and a Near East corsair’s well –– sealed with seven metal seals.

For the benefit of Mr. Kite
There will be a show tonight on trampoline
The Hendersons will all be there
Late of Pablo-Fanques is there, what a scene
(“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite,” The Beatles, 1967)

See photo: http://reporter.blackraiser.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/seal.bmp

Why is Bohr’s model of atomic hydrogen (water-maker) inscribed on a very old well seal? Don’t ask. If you think this is a hoax, you’re out of time. It describes the Rydberg formula for the spectral emission lines of the deuterium atom.

Remind us to show you how the well seal is a tryblion, as said by the Bruce Codex. What’s a tryblion? An ancient spoonful. Who broke the metal seal? If you think this is a hoax, you’re out of time.

We’re searching for a small rod in the center, the meson or quark-antiquark pair. It looks like the “f”-shaped sound-hole of a violin. Like an atomic lightning bolt, that nuclear boson filament is the strongest force in nature. The missing “God particle” vibrates to create quantum mass, and the ground of all material being. We call it a mathematical string.

Who broke the well seal? Now you see it. Now you don’t. Like a thief in the night, a spectral Prometheus stole the fire of heaven. Have you seen a comely stranger, a Man in Black? Who is worthy to open the seals? The one of Israel, whose mind melts steel.

Our search went on for over 20 years, until a cold war finally ended. And now the sixth seal is no longer in its place. It was a limited offer. Discontinued. Withdrawn. The mysterious metal tryblion on an antiquated well system for many generations is gone. Missing from the waterfront castle gate.

As the Tzolkin and Haab calendar completes another cycle, Alexander and Darius once again must meet. But Darius opens hostilities on too many fronts. They will be holes in his sinking ship. Nations await the quantum entanglement of two singularities, one known, and the other hidden.

In Geneva, the Large Hadron Collider prepares to breed the fęted God particle –– the technological singularity of longevity and eternal life. But Darius has his own nuclear reactors hidden in the far-flung mountains of Persia and Babylon. They are copycats of the Large Hadron Collider, with other components called Atlas, Alice and CMS. The Western bigots and deniers who sit with Darius aren’t his guests. They’re his bosses. How else could he get a hadron collider? Designed by IG Farben fugitives. He wants to create a man-made black hole, with a screen dump of the Higgs particle.

Darius’ scheme is an imitator experiment based on the 1945 German “Uranium Engine” by Heisenberg, a founder of quantum mechanics. It was not a bomb. His time machine of biblical hell. Uranium deuteride can be used as a nano-trigger, injected into a human target assembly. Darius seeks guinea pigs to sit in the pathway of binary fission, the warp of space-time, fully awake:

And there came up out of the bottomless pit a wheel having a sword flashing with fire, and in the sword were pipes. And I (he) asked him saying; What is this sword? And he said: ...into this pipe are sent they that through their gluttony devise all manner of sin; into the second pipe are sent the backbiters which backbite their neighbor secretly; into the third pipe are sent the hypocrites and the rest whom I overthrow by my contrivance. (Fragments of the “Questions of Bartholomew” dated to the 5th Century)

Regrettably, the sixth seal is no longer in its place. Now you see it. Now you don’t. Yet beneath an olden fountain lingers a channel of quantum entanglement, like a book of life. Just what did you think the sacred tryblion was, a trophy you could steal and put on your bookshelf? The tryblion has its lawful owner. Have you not known? The seventh seal is your mind, which only he can open.

Well, baby, baby, baby, you’re out of time
I said, baby, baby, baby, you’re out of time
You are all left out
Out of there without a doubt
‘Cause baby, baby, baby, you’re out of time
(“Out of Time,” The Rolling Stones, 1966)
What happens to you when ball lightning strikes you? Ball lightning is up till now an unfamiliar phenomenon. A standard hypothesis currently suggests that ball lightning consists of vaporized silicon burning through oxidation. Another theory is that some ball lightning is the transfer of microscopic primordial black holes through the atmosphere, as proposed by Mario Rabinowitz in “Astrophysics and Space Science.”

“I must emphasize that there is a slight possibility that some of my energies do have extraterrestrial connection.” (Uri Geller)

* * *


Article Copyright© Peter Fotis Kapnistos - reproduced with permission.

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