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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Image credit: Paul Dale Roberts

A haunting in San Leandro

Posted on Saturday, 16 July, 2011 | 0 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

A big thanks to Nancy Bowman, Pararock.TV and Global Paranormal Society for showing up and documenting this whole case live on TV! HPI Paranormal Investigators present are: Judy Raderchak – Senior Lead Investigator/Tech; Chantal Apodaca – Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic; John Shue – Videographer; Regina Tellez – Technician; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager; Gina ‘Larsen’ Vega – Sketch Artist; Karon McDonald – Native American Cleanser; Nikki Warner; Jennifer Newell – Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic; Ben & Rhonda Hall - Empath, Jen S. – Metaphysical Cleanser.

Global Paranormal Society Paranormal Investigators present are: Nancy Bowman; Shelby Johnston; Karen Adamski; Pam Kitagawa; Richard Schoefeld, Stalley Kitagawa.

This is a confidential investigation, the occupants do not want to reveal their names, they do not want their home disclosed to the public. The female occupant used to live in a home in Oakland that is 100 years old. This home was extremely haunted with many entities. There may have been a portal at this home. The entities have now followed her to her new home in San Leandro. The entities push the occupants, they poke the occupants, they allow themselves to be seen. The entities are loud enough where the occupants actually hear them with their own ears. The entities also speak over their cell phones. When I was talking to the male occupant, I actually heard another voice come through the phone and it sounded like something out of this world. is with us filming the whole investigation. There are three leads. Judy Raderchak with Team Super Fantastic; Rhonda Hall with Team Beyond Super Fantastic and Karen Adamski with Team GPS Rock. We have 3 areas to investigate, the upstairs, the downstairs and outside. The investigate periods are for 45 minutes each. There will be 3 investigative sessions with 3 evidence briefings.

So far we have high EMF readings, which can indicate an unsafe environment that can cause nausea, hallucinations and dizziness. While I was conducting my initial briefing, we heard a loud banging sound and could not determine what caused the banging sound, it happened directly behind me. From what the occupants have told us, there seems to be a doppelganger that mimics the appearance of one of their family members. At times the female occupant feels that there were 100 entities in her home. There is an 11 year old child that is a family member, which may be causing poltergeist activity, objects being moved around, etc.

Equipment being used: Frank box, several video cameras, several cameras, several digital audio recorders, temperature gauges, EMF readers, K2 readers, night vision goggles, laptops. Gina Vega is our sketch artist and has drawn a dark forbidding entity that was described to her by the male occupant.

Team 1: EVPs were captured, the EVPs sounded like electronic voices, but were inaudible. Chantal had a personal experience, half of her body felt cold and the other half felt hot. Every hair stood up on end. Judy saw a black figure standing next to her, Team 1 was on the 2nd floor bedroom when they captured the EVPs. When the black figure showed himself, the flashlight turned on by itself, at the very same time. A few minutes later the laser grid rolled on its own. The investigators saw a darting shadow go underneath the bed. Jennifer takes a picture of a yellow designer orb.

Team 2: Captured a breathing EVP sound. The Frankbox gave responses to questions that seemed intelligent. There was a falling sound heard. Team 2 was located on the first floor. Nancy felt her hair stand up on end, she felt an entity standing behind her. A dark dot with a light around it was seen by one of the investigators. We tested the telephone, by having the occupant talk over the phone to one of the investigators and a growling sound was heard right after the conversation. Karon saw a dark shadow behind her.

Team 3: Team 3 was outside and got one EVP that said no to one of their questions. They used dowsing rods to communicate and the communication seemed intelligent.

Dowsing rods, orbs are not positive proof of the paranormal, it is up to the investigators to find that proof through EVP activity. EVPs and an unquestionable photograph of perhaps a full body apparition will be our positive proof of paranormal activity.

The second session investigative session commences.

The investigators on the 2nd floor felt a wave go through and when this happened, they all felt dizzy, nauseated and felt pressure on their heads. They obtained a Class A EVP that said: "They can hear us!" They saw a tall man shadow walk from left to right and some of the investigators saw only the glimpse of this apparition. On the first floor, the investigators saw a shadow move under the sofa. The captured an EVP of a rubbing sound and the recorder was completely settled on the bed, no reason for the rubbing sound. Other EVPs were captured, that were somewhat inaudible.

This session is a freelance session and the investigators are able to go where they want. I saw a black darting shadow flying half way in the air..could be a big bug..hmmm..doubt it. When Pararock.TV cameras were rolling, some viewers saw the pillow breathing, one saw a fleeting shadow figure. No EVPs were captured in the last session, I think the entities knew that I was preparing to do my Catholic blessing.

Judy with sage in hand and I, with holy water and rosary beads in hand started to conduct the blessing with the head of the household. When the cleansing was completed, the male and female occupant felt relieved. I explained to them if I were to be unsuccessful, what next steps they needed to do.

Yes, this home is haunted, we obtained too many intelligent responses from our EVP recordings. Godspeed to this family.

Chantal said they audibly heard the name Lorraine, before Judy saw the dark figure in the room. Chantal says that when she felt cold, the cold transferred to Judy and then pushed Judy into the couch. While in the master bedroom, Chantal saw a darting dark shadow move underneath the couch. It moved extremely fast. One of the EVPs from Judy's group was obtained that sounded like an eerie growling voice. The group listened to the EVP a few times and when they were ready to present the EVP to the group, the EVP was gone. There was no explanation what caused the deletion of this EVP. Other EVPs mysteriouly were deleted also. Jennifer Newell came up with the name John Henry, who happened to be a relative of the occupants. An apparition of a frail black man that was balding was seen by a Pararock.TV viewer. The apparition was laying on the bed when the cameras were rolling and no one was in the room.

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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