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Shaan Russell

Do you believe in ghosts ?

May 27, 2007 | Comment icon 15 comments

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Do you believe in ghosts? This is a question that is thrown around with many different agendas. It can be used as a conversational starter, simply being put out there to see if anyone comes up with any credible answers, possibly to start an interesting conversation. It may be asked by a skeptic in a bid to 'judge the person's personality'. Occasionally though, it will be asked by someone who has had an experience and wishes to reach out to others who have too, experienced paranormal phenomena. I believe the question should not be "Do you believe in ghosts?", but rather " What do you think ghosts are?". As far as I can see there are pages upon pages of eye-witness accounts, photographs and EVP's that have been proved to not be faked and for some people, real life encounters with the supernatural. There is no doubt in my mind that 'ghosts' are as real as you and I, the question is what they are not whether they exist. Admitting to believing in ghosts does not instantly stamp you as strange, some of the worlds most hardened skeptics have admitted to witnessing 'strange phenomena'. The question you must ask is what causes this phenomena? There have been many theories over the years, these are some to consider:

Earthbound spirits of the dead
The oldest theory is that the ghosts we see are in fact souls of the departed. This is perhaps due to the many hauntings involving places where a tragic event has taken place. People may see or hear people who once lived in a house but have since passed on, or a person who frequented a certain place in life may be seen there after death. It may be suggested that the death was so sudden and violent that the soul never knew it was dead and so lives on in a limbo-like state. How many stories have been told of lost souls searching for revenge or perhaps simply not knowing they are dead at all? Could it be that they are really stuck not knowing where to go or what to do?

Residual Hauntings
The theory of this sort of haunting can be compared to viewing a loop of film. They aren't actually real, aware beings, they are simply old recordings being played over and over. The energy created when the event actually took place is somehow etched into time and replayed time after time. One of the most famous hauntings in that of the Gettysburg Battlefields. There are constant sightings of soldiers and of battles themselves etched into time.

Angels and Demons
There is this theory that splits everything supernatural into two. It is either good or evil, angels or demons. The more malevolent spirits are actually demons come to destroy and wreak havock and the beign, friendly spirits are in fact angels sent from above. There are indeed many cases that seem to deal with both these elements, from possesion to near death encounters with seemingly divine beings.
The Electrical Energy Theory
Albert Einstein said it first that, " Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another". This theory basically states that the body is made up of electricity and chemical compounds. When the body dies and the chemicals start to decompose, the electricity must go somewhere and so lingers creating this phenomena. This theory would explain why EMF meters can sense the presence of entities.

The theory behind the Tulpa is that if you think hard enough about something that it will manifest through your visualisation. When you were a child you may have been worried sick about the 'boogyman' coming to get you, so much so that something paranormal does occur. It has been noted that when you start becoming more involved in paranormal research, the level of activity will increase around you. Could it be that simply giving something enough though is enough to create a manifestation?

Parallel dimensions
This theory suggests that there are one or even an infinite amount of dimensions that parallel this one. Every once in a while the dimensions will 'cross' and apparitions will occur. Some even suggest that we have versions of ourselves living in alternate universes, hence explaining the 'doppelganger phenomena'. This theory is also used to explain the existence of cryptozoological creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. The reason that we don't see them all the time and never find dead ones is that they live mostly in an alternate dimension.

There are always many theories on this subject, everyone seems to have their own idea of what is fact and what is fiction. Some even believe that it is all in our minds, mass hallucinations and overactive imaginations. Whatever the reality is, the facts are simple. Ghosts are most certainly real, far too many people have had experiences for them not to be. The question is what are they?

Comments (15)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by Bluffle 16 years ago
Very interesting. I've never heard of Tulpa, let alone the theory. It's very interesting, because I've had experiences with this kind of thing. I had just started my specialty of the supernatural, when strange things started happening. If I could generate things out of my own severe belies, it would be amazing! The very thought of this makes me wonder, are there other things that may be generated? If it can only be generated in a ghostly image, but still may be a poltergeist or other tangible ghost, what if, you know? It must take a powerful mind to construct being, which could even explain ev... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by Opinicus 16 years ago
All human cultures from the beginning of recorded history have had their share of ghost folklore and spooky stories. (The very beginnings of human religious beliefs is that of dead ancestor worship and appeasement of their spirits.) This recurring theme of spectral encounters throughout the many years of human development lead me to believe that there must be some explainable phenomenon that links all these stories together. Most of it MAY be linked to every human beings natural fear of their own death...but I am not so sure that our collective mortality fears explains all ghostly encounters. ... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by Valleysailor 16 years ago
I most certainly believe in ghosts (or something that survivies death) and also because of my own experience. Several months after my dad passed to spirit, he 'reached out' or physically appeared to me with a basic message that he was fine and I would be okay. I was eleven at the time and the experience really terrified me to the point that I told NO ONE about it. Twenty-four years later, I saw a psychic in Charlotte NC who told me in no uncertain terms that when I was much younger my dad tried to contact me from the other side, but it frightened me, so consequently he did not try again. There... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by Please Explain 16 years ago
So...most people think spooky goes in and out of the house. How about an invisible bigfoot? This one can follow you (like a stalker) they are curious creatures who likes to play games. Throwing your things around the house, hiding it, etc. You can't see ghost or poltergeist but at least, you have a chance to meet Mr Bigfoot...if he likes you. You think a black shroud is a spook? I have seen black hairy creatures. ( Jesus, i'm pushing to much, i have to stop.)
Comment icon #10 Posted by Zero of Deism 16 years ago
Before I came to this forum, I thought almost everyone believed in Ghosts, lol. It just felt so obvious to me. Still does.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Denzanrom 16 years ago
I've always accepted it as being 'just there'. Its not like they'll stop existing because you don't believe. I know of different types of 'ghosts'. There are those who are the spirits of the dead who have not passed on. There are those created by residual energy.
Comment icon #12 Posted by kobolds 16 years ago
I believe ghost is like memory that implant/rerecorded in an object . this is reason why only at certain place or certain people able to see ghost . there are plenty of people die every day but why is it that not all become ghost . 1. anyone can record they emotion on an object but somehow only last for short term , unless this person really cherish this object very much or had using this object for years or this person in special situation that involve strong emotion. 2. not everyone can playback the memory that recorded/implant in an object . this is only my theory .
Comment icon #13 Posted by HowdyDoo 16 years ago
I've only had a couple of experiences that I could consider paranormal, but I know of someone (now dead) who had several experiences that I trust completely. He was very intelligent and not prone to making up stories (he was a priest of high regard in the community). He was a close family friend, too. He told us of one occasion where he was called to someone's house because there had been an outbreak of paranormal activity (in particular, a rocking chair that rocked on its own). He went to bless the house and see what he could do to help the family. While he was there, he saw an entity--a smal... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by SureFire 16 years ago
I particularly remember him describing one experience he had that was very pleasant. We had a visiting missionary nun visit our parish. She specialized in women's spirituality, and was currently based in Mexico, but was traveling to give workshops. She was having a woman's prayer session in the church. The women were gathered around the alter, while the nun gave a talk on women's spirituality. Our priest walked into the vestibule to get some items for mass and saw that there was a large, rather stern looking gentleman standing directly behind the little nun. He grew concerned, because this was... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by Disembodied Voice 13 years ago
Loved it

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