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Shaan Russell

Shadow people phenomena

June 15, 2007 | Comment icon 26 comments
Image Credit: iStockPhoto
As long as there have been hauntings and ghostly phenomena, there have been sightings of ‘Shadow People’. These Shadow People are defined by their featureless, shadow-like appearance and the feeling of foreboding when they are present. They are nearly always a manly shape, large and with a broad silhouette and perhaps the strangest thing about them, is that they are usually seen wearing a hat of some sort. In some instances there are red eyes that seem to pierce right through you. So are they ‘normal ghosts’? Most people will say that they are not. They don’t usually seem to have purpose to their visits and from the bad feelings they emit, it seems that they aren’t benign by any means. One important observation about shadow people, that isn’t often seen with ‘conventional ghosts’ is that they seem to be aware of our presence. A lot of the time manifestations occur involving an entity that seems to be going about daily business, rarely do they notice or try and communicate with people. The Shadow People tend to be very aware of our presence and in fact seem like they wish to make us feel uncomfortable or frightened.

Are they evil? It is tempting to say that they are, especially given the bad vibes they seem to let off. However, there is not much documentation to say that a bad occurrence usually follows a Shadow Man visitation. If fact, most visitations usually result in the apparition fading away, or disappearing when noticed. They never seem to talk or approach the witness, instead standing menacingly in doorways and corners.
Some people say that Shadow People are aliens or time traveling beings. This is an interesting theory, as it suggests that not only do these entities exist, but they are frequently visitors in our lives. Why do they hang around us so much? Are we being studied? Could this be why there are so many reports of ‘feelings of evil’ coming from these creatures?

What makes the Shadow People phenomena interesting, in the world of the supernatural, is the consistency in the sightings. No matter whether it’s an old person or a child, or anyone in between, what they see is always the same. People on opposite ends of the world report seeing these entities on a daily basis and their recollections are strikingly similar. Whatever these Shadow People are they are definitely a regular occurrence in a lot of people’s lives. Comments (26)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by Tayman 17 years ago
This is a very interesting topic. About 12 years ago, I would of said that anyone that talked about shadow beings were crazy. I got married and my wife brought it up to me that she saw shadow people among other paranormal things. I did not know what to think at the time when I was in the U.S. Navy. I have been woken up in the middle of the night by my wife numerous times that their were shadow people in the house. My wife has screamed at the top of her lungs saying their are shadow beings at the foot of the bed or in the corner of our bedroom. It has been very confusing at times as to what I s... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by Indrid Cole 17 years ago
about 17 years ago my mother and father where splitting up and would spend most nights screaming at each other , so I would vacate the house and head over to a friends . on returning one night to my surprise they were quiet and searching round the sitting room together . They said that while they argued the sitting room door burst open and a small black mass shot round my fathers legs and across the room and disappeared behind the one of the chairs. At first my dad thought it was our dog running through the door and automatically told it to leave as he was sitting with his back to the door he ... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by Primeval 17 years ago
I have heard lots on this topic, there are also shadow pets and shadow creatures. For one instance people have reported seeing a black blob, form into a spider and crawl up their leg and evaporate soon as they notice it. They have also been seen while having sleep paralysis. People seem to think they are more of a demon than a ghost.
Comment icon #20 Posted by meru 17 years ago
My grandmother sent this page to me, as I'v had several encounters with shadow people. It started one day when I was at her house, outside after nightfall. Me and a friend were looking for gnomes and fairies and brownies and the suchlike. I was looking out towards her field, and while doing so, I saw something sort of materialize onto a wooden fence post (a support post I guess you could say, most others were the metal red kind used to hold barbed-wire). It took on an angelic-looking for, with feet swinging and pointed (very pointed) looking angel wings. This shadow person was of the very shor... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by Athena22 17 years ago
I too had two experiences with shadow people, and is linked to a moment of astral projection. I was vibrating violently, then I opened my eyes and saw in the window a shadow figure floating in front of my window. It had the robe of a monk or wizard, with the hood over the head. When I have spoken of it, I have refered it to the grim reaper because of that kind of robe. It terrified me, and I went right back into my sleep. I'm happy to hear that I am not the only one to have experienced this.
Comment icon #22 Posted by FairyJosie23 17 years ago
I'm sure there will be people who heartily disagree with me, but in my opinion most of these are a variation of either 'just shadows' (from a tree or bed, etc.); someone just waking up from a particularly bad and vivid dream; or drugs. The rest that defy those explanations are (to me) firmly in the demon category. I agree, though, with Athena that in those cases, you give them power by thinking about and looking for them.
Comment icon #23 Posted by wellhmm 17 years ago
1st attempt When I was in kinder garden, my mom was in the bathroom. I was crossing my arms and put it on the wall where you can see down the stairs and see perfectly to the door. I looked for a bit then I saw a very shady black glowing red eyed man with slick hair broad shoulders with great posture walking through my door. We took 6 quick steps and then stopped as if he was a robot. He then slyly in one motion looked up and my eyes met his eyes. The attempt seemed as if he was looking like he would hurt me. Sorrow built up in my heart then after a wile i started to question my beleifs if ther... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by djKevlar 17 years ago
I start out by stating, thank you Shaan Russel and all who have posted comments. I have come to the conclusion such as you that I'm not alone in the "shadow people." How crazy that other people describ "them" with the same exact name that I haved named them. Also many expirences that I have read in the blog are so similar to mine. I have found one other person that called them by the same name. Together we described the same thing that I just read in the "Shadow people phenomena." I love to play the devils advocate with myself about how they are, "unreal." This always brings out the question o... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by Shadow_People 17 years ago
Thats pretty wild about the one in Georga.......I seen them behind Fort Mcphersion in Ga ( the woods by the side fence to be exact). I'll keep this short, I'm not wanting to really talk about them in a public forum, I've seen the small hooded ones that float and the Tall one. No drugs, No sleep, nothing like that involved, and it has never been out of the corner of my eye, it has always been straight foward like seeing any other person. I have not seen them like shadows on the wall either, I see them with the same mass as a human, all dark, can't see the faces, no red eyes, I can't see the eye... [More]
Comment icon #26 Posted by ChronicNL 16 years ago
a while ago i watched white noise again and because it said it was based on actual events i went to look it up, yet i always have felt like i was watched a lot but i thought it was just imagination, i've only had(still have) this feeling when at home. i searched up a lot about evp, types of spirits and such like that... shadow people, hat man, doppelgangers and such. even while searching it i felt watched and kept getting cold shivers.. when i decided to go to bed and continue watching tv from the bed i noticed a shadow figure sitting on its heels that scared the **** out of me.. after like 5 ... [More]

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