Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Remarkably well preserved dinosaur embryo found inside fossilized egg

8-13-2023 | 6

The incredibly rare specimen was found collecting dust in the back room of a museum in China.

Science & Technology

Scientists create synthetic human embryos in major breakthrough

6-15-2023 | 4

The remarkable achievement involved creating synthetic human embryos from stem cells in the laboratory.

Science & Technology

Scientists create world's first ever synthetic embryos

8-3-2022 | 20

Embryo-like structures with a brain, intestines and a beating heart have been created by scientists in a lab.


'Exquisitely preserved' dinosaur embryo discovered

 VIDEO  12-22-2021 | 6

An unhatched dinosaur resembling a 17-day-old chicken embryo has been discovered by palaeontologists.

Science & Technology

Hybrid embryos are part human, part monkey

4-16-2021 | 32

The controversial research, while impressive, has unsurprisingly raised some major ethical concerns.

Space & Astronomy

Young planet may have collided with Jupiter

8-15-2019 | 2

Physicists now believe that a large planetary embryo collided with the gas giant in the distant past.

Science & Technology

World's first human-monkey hybrid created

8-3-2019 | 26

A team of Spanish scientists working in China have injected human stem cells into the embryo of a monkey.


Octopuses are space aliens, scientists claim

5-18-2018 | 168

A bizarre new theory proposes that octopus embryos arrived on Earth on a comet millions of years ago.

Science & Technology

Scientists create human-sheep hybrid embryos

2-18-2018 | 5

The research aims to solve donor organ shortages by making it possible to grow human organs inside sheep.

Science & Technology

Embryo born after being frozen for 24 years

12-21-2017 | 12

The record-breaking achievement is thought to represent the longest ever gap between conception and birth.

Science & Technology

Scientists repair mutations in human embryos

9-29-2017 | 9

For the first time ever, a method known as 'chemical surgery' has been used to fix a faulty human gene.

Science & Technology

Scientists create artificial mouse embryos

3-3-2017 | 11

In a world first, researchers have managed to create artificial embryos using the stem cells of mice.

Science & Technology

Woolly mammoth 'on the verge of resurrection'

2-16-2017 | 17

Scientists believe that an elephant-mammoth hybrid embryo could be created within as little as two years.

World of the Bizarre

Embryonic twin found inside student's brain

4-26-2015 | 16

26-year-old Yamini Karanam had been undergoing neural surgery when her unborn twin was discovered.

Science & Technology

Scientists clone stem cells using skin cells

5-16-2013 | 8

The ability to turn skin cells in to embryonic stem cells is being hailed as a major breakthrough.


Oldest dinosaur embryo fossils found in China

4-12-2013 | 6

Palaeontologists have unearthed the oldest known fossilized dinosaur embryos ever discovered.

Science & Technology

Scientists grow embryos of extinct frog

3-20-2013 | 19

A unique species of extinct frog that gives birth through its mouth may soon be rising from the dead.


Pope urges respect for embryos

11-29-2010 | 93

Pope Benedict XVI has made a statement during a vespers service requesting respect for embryos.


Oldest dinosaur embryos unearthed

11-14-2010 | 3

The world's oldest known dinosaur embryos have been identified at 190 million years old.

Science & Technology

Baby born from embryo frozen 20 years ago

10-11-2010 | 15

A baby has been born from an embryo frozen 20 years ago scientists have announced.

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