Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Bob Gimlin speaks out about Bigfoot footage

Posted on Thursday, 7 July, 2016 | Comment icon 368 comments

A still frame from the original Bluff Creek video. Image Credit: Roger Patterson / Bob Gimlin
One of the two men who filmed the infamous Bluff Creek Bigfoot video has long regretted his involvement.
Filmed in 1967 in Northern California, the Patterson-Gimlin film has long remained the most hotly debated and tantalising piece of footage ever recorded in relation to the Bigfoot phenomenon.

The video, which offers a clear view of a large bipedal ape-like creature walking along the creek bed, soon became world-famous and attracted the attention of Bigfoot enthusiasts and critics alike.

Patterson himself sadly passed away back in 1972 which means that Bob Gimlin, who sold his share of the rights to the film to another researcher for the measly sum of $10, is now the only person left alive who knows what really happened that day.

The level of harassment and abuse he has since received over the footage however has left him wishing that he had never agreed to take part in the original expedition in the first place.

"It ruined me," he said. "They’d come driving in my driveway all times of the night and go ‘Bob! We want to go out Bigfoot hunting.' My wife was a teller at a savings and loan institution. Of course, she was sitting right there and the public would come in and make smart remark."

"This went on and on and on until she come home crying. She’d say, ‘I’m not tough enough.’ A couple times we were going to split up over this."

Despite these problems however Gimlin still maintains that he knows what he saw that day.

"I can understand why they don’t believe in it - because I didn’t believe it either. But I saw one. And I know what I saw. And I know it wasn’t a man in a suit. It couldn’t have been."

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Tags: Bigfoot, Bob Gimlin, Roger Patterson

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #359 Posted by Merc14 on 19 July, 2016, 19:29
He isn't wearing a big costume that had to weigh nearly 100 pounds.  Strange that you couldn't reach that conclusion yourself.
Comment icon #360 Posted by PrisonerX on 19 July, 2016, 19:35
You should tell that to the guy who linked it.  Also, I'll take that as an admission by you that the two walks are indeed different, like I've stated. 
Comment icon #361 Posted by Merc14 on 19 July, 2016, 19:54
When I put on my flight gear, comprised of a harness, G-Suit, vest with survival gear, inflatable vest, helmet, pubs, pistol, dry suit in winter and water, my gait shifted from the norm.  That the man's stride may be slightly different while wearing a massive costume should not surprise anyone .  That said I don't see much difference at all, in fact it is a unique stride peculiar to this  large man yet the two are incredibly similar to each other, I hadn't realized how similar until psyche posted that video comparison and I find it very damning evidence against the creature being anything othe... [More]
Comment icon #362 Posted by aquatus1 on 19 July, 2016, 19:55
**Again, I will remind people to can the snide comments, and focus on the arguments.**
Comment icon #363 Posted by Podo on 19 July, 2016, 21:34
While the Patterson film is likely either a hoax of a trick, I still think it's the best video to date of a sasquatch. Why? Because we're still debating it to this day. Not just us, either; people all over the place still use it and analyze it. Whether it is a hoax or not really doesn't matter, considering how singularly influential the video is to this subject matter. And, if it is a hoax, it's certainly a phenomenally done hoax, considering it has confused multiple generations of individuals and scientists. Bravo, Patterson and Gimlin, bravo. You may not have created what you set out to crea... [More]
Comment icon #364 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats on 19 July, 2016, 21:38
But I did one of those DNA family heritage thingies and it could tell me that in my genepool swam some Celts and the odd Angle or Jut. So why couldn't it say "and there's some gigantopithicus" given that gigantopithicus is another species entirely and not just a local flavour of Homo sapiens sapiens?
Comment icon #365 Posted by Carnoferox on 19 July, 2016, 21:46
Gigantopithecus would be incapable of breeding with Homo sapiens. They are looking more for Neanderthal DNA, of which they have found none.
Comment icon #366 Posted by Hammerclaw on 19 July, 2016, 21:49
You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. Andre the Giant had a big head, too.
Comment icon #367 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats on 19 July, 2016, 21:50
My point still stands, if they can tell me I've Irish and Welsh roots from a DNA test, surely they can tell if there's something like Homo Neanderthalis in there.
Comment icon #368 Posted by kmt_sesh on 19 July, 2016, 21:56
Closed for Moderator review.

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