Thursday, March 4, 2021
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3 UFOs spotted in the skies over New Jersey

Posted on Tuesday, 9 June, 2020 | Comment icon 47 comments

What are these objects ? Image Credit: YouTube / Ovni Vids
A recently released video clip shows three lights moving in a triangular formation across the night sky.
Filmed on May 31st in Winslow Township, New Jersey, the objects were first spotted by a man and his girlfriend who had been stargazing outside their home when the peculiar phenomenon came into view.

The footage has since appeared on Reddit and YouTube and has racked up over 10,000 views.

"The triangle shape is pretty common we noticed, it didn't break a perfect triangle though so it's hard to believe it was lanterns," the man, who goes by the username 'Nooch1020', told The Daily Star.
"It seemed to just be gliding effortlessly through the sky."

There has been a great deal of speculation on social media over what the objects could be, with some arguing that they could be the three points of a large triangular-shaped craft.

Skeptics, meanwhile, maintain that they are little more than Chinese lanterns or drones.

You can check out the footage for yourself below - what do you think ?

Source: Coast to Coast AM | Comments (47)

Tags: UFO

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #38 Posted by the13bats on 17 June, 2020, 23:48
Your post sounds more like you are angry making excuses, not everyone on the ball with the phone cam they carry is some selfie twit, my wifes and mine too,  FB are used to promote our shows, we have at least 5k friends on both accounts, and i havent personally logged into my account in at least 5 years, and never posted a selfie never has tina however one day i was working on my car and a squirrel was on my carriage house roof cussing me out, it ran into a little hole under the roof edge i guess lived in the attic, So thinking that was fun i did have my phone ready, and a day or two later squi... [More]
Comment icon #39 Posted by jbondo on 18 June, 2020, 11:54
Angry? Not angry, just disappointing that a vast number of the population has been reduced to what I described. Also, using yourself as an example isn't convincing me of anything. It sounds like you are taking my comments as a personal attack. No, I don't throw anyone who is proficient or uses their camera into the same group. "I would have my phone handy"....In other words, it's within reach at all times? When I go to work in the morning, I place my phone on my desk and it sits there all day, whether I'm there or not. I don't carry it with me. At home, again, it sits. So, if I had seen someth... [More]
Comment icon #40 Posted by the13bats on 18 June, 2020, 19:40
I dont take anything "personal" on forums if i read something that to me is some silly blanketing critique used to defend by what i view as a misplaced excuse then like anyone else here i will spew my opinion, Sure, i very much can take or leave my phone but i also do have it handy, who knows i might need to hit 911 or look up tech or info concerning what im doing at the time, i like my tricorder lol, but its not glued to my hand, my wife is more like your wife however tina earns a living using her phone. Its just a way to pigeon holing to group all phone users as "selfie twits" which you were... [More]
Comment icon #41 Posted by Hazzard on 18 June, 2020, 19:58
Hey, dude! Thought we lost another legend there for a while. Good to see you again, buddie. Fire up the ol bbq smokey and throw me a beer.   
Comment icon #42 Posted by ChrLzs on 18 June, 2020, 21:28
I find it rather interesting (and telling..) how the 'enthusiasts' will never go near discussing the above....
Comment icon #43 Posted by Hazzard on 18 June, 2020, 21:43
There we have it, the perfect weapon of defence for those poor alien abductees... The camera in your cellphone.
Comment icon #44 Posted by Jujo-jo on 20 June, 2020, 3:46
Must share... About that same time, a bunch of newer military helicopters were flying over our house, nop not unusual... we live on their route... what is unusual is that they werent flying the normal route of direction, the number of them and this is when I realized they were different, newer and much larger from all the others I've seen flying over my entire life... but the weather was bad extremely windy with high wind advisories and it's just not something you see on windy days like that but whatever, good for them! (& NJ really isnt far from us.) I'm not saying its connected, just say... [More]
Comment icon #45 Posted by DONTEATUS on 25 June, 2020, 22:11
well Now Im In New Mexico Las Cruces Love it Here ! Up at 4,600 MSL Can See the Shuttle Go over all the Time and  Stars that Never End !
Comment icon #46 Posted by DONTEATUS on 25 June, 2020, 22:23
UFO`s have really Slowed down Skipping into our Hood as of Late ! Maybe They Know something we don`t ? Used to See Lot`s More in the 80`s
Comment icon #47 Posted by ChrLzs on 26 June, 2020, 0:30
They've completed their survey - the result is No Intelligent Life Found.  The Hitchhiker's Guide will be updated shortly.

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