Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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USAF officers: 'UFOs tampered with our nukes'

October 12, 2021 | Comment icon 37 comments

What were the mystery objects, who sent them and where did they go ? Image Credit: DoD
A panel of former USAF officers will be presenting evidence that UFOs tampered with US nuclear weapons.
Set to take place on October 19th at the National Press Club, the event will be attended by four former US Air Force officers - nuclear missile crew commander Robert Salas, nuclear missile targeting officer Robert Jamison, nuclear missile crew commander David Schindele and missile test photographic officer Robert Jacobs.

According to the press release, the four men will "discuss their involvement in UFO incidents at nuclear missile launch facilities and test sites during the Cold War era."

Salas in particular, who was stationed at an underground launch facility assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967, has spent the last 25 years talking about his experiences there.
To this day, no explanation for the objects witnessed by the officers - or the mysterious disabling of the nuclear weapons in connection with these sightings - has ever been found.

They are now calling for Congress to launch an investigation and to hold public hearings.

"Numerous other UFO-related incidents with possible implications for national security have been publicly acknowledged by former public officials - whose efforts resulted in the creation of a secret Pentagon UFO investigations group, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP)," the press release reads.

You'll be able to watch the event live on YouTube on October 19th - here.

Source: PR Newswire | Comments (37)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #28 Posted by Hammerclaw 5 days ago
Oh, I thought that was Obama.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Dejarma 4 days ago
off world entities have never tampered because these entities are not here, never have been! This whole 'ufo/ aliens on this planet' subject has become incredibly tedious. If they are here then fekin prove it or shut the fek up about it!!! Boring zzzzzzz Oh yeah, nearly forgot==== 'In My Opinion' 
Comment icon #30 Posted by Tim Hebert 2 days ago
It's been awhile since I last posted on the forums.  I was made aware last week of the up and coming "press conference" scheduled for 19 Oct 21.  I see that there will be a You Tube feed so I'll take a look and see...should be interesting...or not.  Since Mr. Salas, Jaimeson, Jacobs, et al are involved, one can assume that this will be a rehash of the old nuke and ufos genre.  Personally, I know of no new claims being made to add anymore relevance to the old ICBM cases that were propagated some years ago.  Yet, who knows?  Maybe Mr. Salas will provide new evidence to add to his and others' cla... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by ChrLzs 2 days ago
Sky was an interesting anomaly.  He fought hard against the "We never went to the Moon" conspiridiots using science and logic and his own experience.  But when it was about UFO's, all of that went out the window, and he just bought into any old anecdote - if it came from someone claiming to be a pilot, he was just instantly convinced... Anyway, sounds like someone is short of money and needs to drum up interest so they can get a paid interview or UFO convention spot..
Comment icon #32 Posted by IronGhost 2 days ago
  Here's another guy that came forward, Air Force Captain David Schindele. He was stationed in Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. A UFO shut down nukes there in 1966 when Schindele was in command of the launch. So guys like Robert Salas have a lot of company. 
Comment icon #33 Posted by Dejarma 2 days ago
yep, & a lot of books
Comment icon #34 Posted by ChrLzs 2 days ago
Where did @Nobu go? He told us that he'd spent a lifetime "analyzing  reports that were the same in many countries", and that he "feel{s} like there was legitimate early hacking of systems going on".  Wow, a lifetime of analysis.  I know I'd love to hear about the analysis methodology he used - I'm sure we could all learn a lot, and I for one will give credit when proper due diligence has been applied. So, I'll politely ask again, @Nobu: "Be specific - what, in your view, was the best evidenced 'event'"
Comment icon #35 Posted by Phantom309 1 day ago
Always good to hear from these high quality military people who were actually involved in an event. 
Comment icon #36 Posted by Tim Hebert 1 day ago
David Schindele is sort of a newcomer to the Hastings/Salas clan.  I posted awhile back:   Retired Air Force officer David Schindele has recently published a book, "It Never Happened."  Mr. Schindele was a Minuteman launch officer assigned to Minot AFB, ND back in the late 1960s. [1965-1968] Based on the available information, Schindele was on alert at a site near Mohall, ND when a "flying object" took down all ten of his Minuteman I missiles.  I'm assuming that all ten sorties dropped into LF No-Go mode.  This may have happened in December 1966 based on a local Minot newspaper story or later ... [More]
Comment icon #37 Posted by zep73 3 hours ago
So here it is. The announced press conference about UAP's and Nuclear Weapons, from earlier today, Oct. 19th 2021 Duration: 2 hours

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