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Multiple video clips show brightly lit UFO flying over streets of Tehran

By T.K. Randall
June 12, 2024 · Comment icon 237 comments
UFO over Tehran.
What could this object be ? Image Credit: Twitter / @GreatWhyteShk
A strange object spotted over Iran has been captured on camera from multiple different angles.
It's not often that we get to see clear video footage of an unidentified flying object, but in this particular instance, we have not one, but several clips of the same object filmed by several different people.

The sighting, which reportedly occurred over Tehran, involved a brightly lit, circular-shaped object that was spotted swooping over the streets of the city at quite a low altitude.

From the footage, the object also features a prominent array of green lights around its circumference.

What makes this sighting particularly interesting is the fact that the same UFO was seemingly filmed from multiple different angles by several witnesses who were located in various parts of Tehran at the time.

So what exactly could the object be ?
One possibility is that it is some sort of drone swarm with several drones flying together in formation.

It's also possible, however, that the entire thing is a hoax and that all of the different clips of the object have been fabricated and then distributed under different accounts on social media.

In many ways, this sighting is perhaps a little too good to be true.

You can watch some of the clips yourself below.

What do you think ?

Source: Pop Culture | Comments (237)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #228 Posted by ChrLzs 7 days ago
Ya think?  Have you not noticed that there have been NO, none, nada, zilch, videos from any other source than that which posted the original videos and then went off to hide.  No dashcams, no security cameras, no pilots or aircraft passengers, no other people who went back over their shots for that night.  In a city of 9 million people, early evening. Mmmhmm.  Oh, that's right - Youtube is deleting them instantly, and of course YT is the only place you can see videos.....    But do feel free to keep hoping it's real. This is just utterly lame.  A true UFO case will involve a lot more th... [More]
Comment icon #229 Posted by MrAnderson 7 days ago
You ve asked me again the same question!! Give you examples? Have you heard of the UFO phenomenon or is it new to you completely? There is a lot of evidence on UFOs. Pick and choose whichever to think it's convincing. The argument you made that for a UFO incident to be believable there must be a mass sighting is a new threshold as you raise the bar. UFOs can be witnessed by a singled person or multiple witnesses.  
Comment icon #230 Posted by ChrLzs 7 days ago
I didn't ask for examples.  I asked just for one - the best one.  YOU are making the claim.  If we pick the claim, you'll just say "oh what about this one then"...  So PICK YOUR BEST EVIDENCE - we are not idiots. Frankly, this sort of avoidance just shows you don't have expertise - quite rightly you are afraid that your best choice will get a roasting, and it will be obvious you are just an amateur at all this.  If you know your stuff, you should be able to easily defend your favourite, and imagine the credibility that would involve!  So.. grow a set.   You might get away with handwavin... [More]
Comment icon #231 Posted by MrAnderson 7 days ago
I don't have to defend anything because I am not into a defending position and neither I am accused of anything as far as I know. If you think that I will start discussing the cases already discussed a million times you are wrong. The expectable reaction from skeptics is to deny most of what is presented or to claim meteors, stars, weather balloons, hallucinations of witnesses. I don't have time to waste. In these threads everyone expresses their personal opinions, that's all. Since the UFO phenomenon is real and we don't have conclusive evidence as to the origin of these objects (or some of t... [More]
Comment icon #232 Posted by Zebra3 7 days ago
Told you.
Comment icon #233 Posted by MrAnderson 7 days ago
It's expectable. Denying and dismissing everything. Not what we call skepticism. But who cares. You have your views and that's what matters at the end of the day. There are many more people who are very open minded and don't deny everything. You can discuss with them.
Comment icon #234 Posted by Trelane 3 days ago
Has there been any further information released regarding this event?
Comment icon #235 Posted by Hazzard 3 days ago
For something of this magnitude ? its been awfully quiet. 
Comment icon #236 Posted by ChrLzs 14 hours ago
AFAICS, no new videos have been added, and the 'owners' of the video set has gone to ground.  No dashcam footage.  No building security footage.  No footage from any hobby astronomers.  No footage from commercial aircraft pilots or passengers.  No new videos from any others on the same night, or since. How unexpected.  How strange.  It's almost as if there *wasn't* an actual ufo flying over the 8.5 million residents of Tehran that night... {/sarcasm}
Comment icon #237 Posted by astrobeing 1 hour ago
Don't give up! The summer isn't half over and I'm sure these guys (or guy) are working hard to come up with more exciting footage of huge bright UFOs flying over major cities all over the world!

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