Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Nature & Environment

Rare white alligator hatches out at reptile park in Florida

7-27-2022 | 2

The tiny reptile, which has a rather unique pigmentation, is not the only albino alligator at the park.

Nature & Environment

Human remains found inside Louisiana alligator

9-19-2021 | 4

Wildlife authorities have identified an alligator that is suspected of killing a man who was reported missing.

World of the Bizarre

Zoo visitor rescues handler from alligator

 VIDEO  8-18-2021 | 1

A zoo visitor in Utah recently saved a handler by literally jumping into an alligator's tank to wrestle the animal.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest alligator celebrates 85th birthday

 VIDEO  6-20-2021 | 1

The aged reptile, who currently lives in Serbia's Belgrade Zoo, is thought to be the oldest alligator on Earth.

World of the Bizarre

Man wrestles alligator in bid to save his dog

 VIDEO  11-22-2020 | 6

A man in Florida was captured on film jumping into a pond to attack an alligator that had grabbed his dog.

Nature & Environment

Alligator that survived WWII dies aged 84

5-24-2020 | 4

An aged alligator that was once rumored to belong to Adolf Hitler has passed away at a zoo in Moscow.

World of the Bizarre

Emotional support alligator visits care home

1-21-2019 | 4

A senior living facility in Pennsylvania recently got a visit from a large reptile with some rather sharp teeth.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest known alligator is in his 80s

 VIDEO  8-20-2018 | 14

An alligator named Muja, who lives in Belgrade Zoo, is considered to be the oldest alligator in captivity.

Nature & Environment

Giant alligator goes for a stroll in Florida

 VIDEO  1-17-2017 | 45

A huge alligator was filmed by tourists at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida this week.

Nature & Environment

Giant alligator filmed walking on golf course

 VIDEO  5-31-2016 | 87

The massive reptile took golfers completely by surprise as it casually strolled towards a nearby lake.

World of the Bizarre

Man keeps alligator in basement for 26 years

1-26-2016 | 14

A huge alligator had been living in an Illinois man's basement for the better part of three decades.

Nature & Environment

Crocodiles are able to climb trees

2-12-2014 | 28

Researchers have discovered that crocodiles and alligators are remarkably adept at climbing up trees.

Nature & Environment

Crocodiles use tools to hunt birds

12-3-2013 | 12

Crocodiles and alligators have been observed using a special technique to lure and catch birds.

World of the Bizarre

Man charged after alligator eats his hand

8-5-2012 | 31

One Florida airboat captain got more than he bargained for when he decided to feed the alligators.

Nature & Environment

Record-breaking 14ft alligator caught

11-5-2010 | 27

A massive record-breaking alligator measuring over 14ft in length has been caught in Florida.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Giant alligator photographed in Alabama

6-21-2009 | 38

Jon Downes examines a set of photographs he's received taken from a helicopter showing what appears to be an alligator o...

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