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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Baseball star captures 'Bigfoot' on deer cam

11-23-2019 | 35

Tigers infielder Jordy Mercer has posted up two still images of an alleged Sasquatch on his property.


Nicolas Cage on Bigfoot, Nessie and the Yeti

11-18-2019 | 26

The award-winning actor shared his views on a number of cryptozoological mysteries during a recent interview.


'Bigfoot screams' video continues to intrigue

 VIDEO  11-16-2019 | 65

A recording of terrifying howling sounds coming from the woods of rural Canada still lacks a definitive explanation.


Shots fired during attempted 'Bigfoot' break-in

11-14-2019 | 18

A man in Bainbridge Township, Ohio told police that he had been trying to dissuade an intruding Sasquatch.


'Bigfoot' charges towards boy in new footage

 VIDEO  11-12-2019 | 34

A video has emerged showing an alleged Bigfoot charging towards a boy who was walking in the woods.


Unnerving 'Bigfoot screams' caught on video

 VIDEO  10-24-2019 | 65

A family who had been out grouse hunting in Canada recently recorded some truly blood-curdling sounds.


North Carolina man discovers 'Bigfoot' tracks

 VIDEO  10-11-2019 | 144

Electrician Joe Scarborough maintains that footprints found near his home are neither human nor animal.


Photo of alleged Bigfoot released by group

10-6-2019 | 70

A Bigfoot investigation group has revealed a grainy black-and-white image taken in North Carolina.


Revisited: the man who 'shot two Bigfoots'

 VIDEO  9-23-2019 | 56

A reality TV Bigfoot hunter made headlines a few years back after claiming to have killed two of the creatures.


Bigfoot museum celebrates 1-year anniversary

 VIDEO  9-18-2019 | 9

The Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum in Nebraska is perhaps the most quaint of all Bigfoot attractions.


Mystery primate terrorizes Texas residents

9-12-2019 | 43

Multiple witnesses have reported seeing a large primate lurking in the streets of the southern state.


Flyer denies 'Bigfoot' bridge closure theory

9-4-2019 | 6

Residents of Bradford, Vermont were recently reassured that Bigfoot wasn't responsible for closing a local bridge.


Man films alleged Bigfoot in North Carolina

 VIDEO  8-31-2019 | 49

Hickory resident Doug Teague recorded footage of the creature along with video evidence of its tracks.


Man blames 'Bigfoot conspiracy' for break-ins

8-28-2019 | 17

A man in New Hampshire has written to a local paper to claim that Bigfoot is responsible for a series of break-ins.


Man opens fire on 'Bigfoot' in national park

8-2-2019 | 42

A camper is being investigated for opening fire in a US national park after an alleged encounter with Bigfoot.


Alleged 'Bigfoot howl' recorded in Kentucky

 VIDEO  7-25-2019 | 59

Whitesburg resident Shaun Hammonds recently recorded a 'soul-piercing' howl coming from the forest.


Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video gets makeover

 VIDEO  7-11-2019 | 44

A 4K remaster of the infamous footage, which is alleged to show a live Bigfoot, has been posted online.


Woman reports sightings of Bigfoot at her home

 VIDEO  6-15-2019 | 17

One North Carolina resident maintains that she has been visited by the elusive creature on numerous occasions.


The FBI tested Bigfoot hair back in the 1970s

6-6-2019 | 77

Declassified documents have revealed that the FBI once tested hair and tissue samples of an alleged Bigfoot.


Bigfoot reported twice in northeast Georgia

6-3-2019 | 45

The legendary biped was reportedly seen by two men on two separate occasions within the space of a week.

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