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Science & Technology

Scientists grow a dinosaur leg on a chicken

3-12-2016 | 13

A recent reverse evolution experiment has succeeded in growing a dinosaur's limb on a farmyard bird.


Giant bird had a head the size of a horse's

2-13-2016 | 5

A huge flightless bird called Gastornis is thought to have once roamed what is now the Arctic Circle.

Nature & Environment

Birds of prey are deliberately starting fires

2-10-2016 | 22

Falcons and kites in Australia have been starting bush fires in an effort to smoke out small animals.


Ancient 500-pound bird was eaten by humans

1-30-2016 | 18

New evidence suggests that Genyornis newtoni was wiped out because it was tasty and easy to catch.


Dinosaurs used dance moves to attract a mate

1-8-2016 | 18

Like modern birds, dinosaurs were no strangers to putting on a show to attract the opposite sex.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds unexplained bird deaths

11-26-2015 | 13

Scientists have been struggling to explain why some UK garden birds are drowning themselves en masse.


'Winged dragon' velociraptor fossil unearthed

7-17-2015 | 14

Scientists have discovered an ancestor of the velociraptor with distinctly bird-like traits.

Science & Technology

Can a chicken be regressed in to a dinosaur?

5-14-2015 | 36

Scientists have succeeded in reverting the beaks of chicken ambryos in to dinosaur-like snouts.


New species of terror bird discovered

4-11-2015 | 12

Palaeontologists have successfully unearthed the most complete skeleton of a terror bird ever found.

World of the Bizarre

Owl terrorizes town in the Netherlands

2-27-2015 | 15

Residents have been going out at night wearing protective headgear following a spate of owl attacks.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Could the 'Thunderbird' be a real creature ?

2-13-2015 | 73

Legends of a huge bird have been an integral part of American Midwest culture for centuries.

Nature & Environment

Mystery goop kills birds in San Francisco Bay

1-23-2015 | 13

Authorities have been struggling to identify a strange goo that's been wreaking havoc on local wildlife.

Nature & Environment

Birds can sense a tornado over 900km away

12-20-2014 | 16

A species of warbler was observed evacuating its nest one day in advance of an approaching tornado.

Nature & Environment

Swarms of ladybirds invade Romanian town

11-12-2014 | 14

Local residents have been forced to seal up their homes to keep out tens of thousands of the red insects.


Dinosaurs shrank for over 50 million years

8-2-2014 | 13

Researchers have been piecing together how therapod dinosaurs eventually became today's birds.


Fossil of largest ever flying bird discovered

7-8-2014 | 14

Palaeontologists have revealed an enormous prehistoric bird described as a 'seagull on steroids'.

Nature & Environment

New bird species discovered in Indonesia

6-10-2014 | 8

Zoologists have identified a previously unrecognized bird species known as the Wakatobi Flowerpecker.

Nature & Environment

Blonde women attacked by crows in London

6-5-2014 | 42

A group of real-life angry birds has been terrorizing fair-haired visitors to London's Eltham Park South.


Scientists discover 'chicken from Hell'

3-20-2014 | 15

Archaeologists have unearthed a strange bird-like dinosaur dating back more than 66 million years.

Nature & Environment

Scientists spot rare relative of the dodo

1-26-2014 | 12

Samoa's national bird, the Manumea, has finally been spotted for the first time in over ten years.

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