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Dinosaur asteroid wiped out most bird species

5-26-2018 | 5

According to a new study, only a few select bird species survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as 40 birds fall from sky over Boston

9-11-2016 | 7

Environmental officials have been left perplexed after dozens of grackles appeared to fall ill en masse.

Nature & Environment

Ducks much smarter than previously thought

7-18-2016 | 7

Ducks and other birds may possess far greater cognitive abilities than anyone had ever realized.

Nature & Environment

Birds of prey are deliberately starting fires

2-10-2016 | 22

Falcons and kites in Australia have been starting bush fires in an effort to smoke out small animals.


Dinosaurs used dance moves to attract a mate

1-8-2016 | 18

Like modern birds, dinosaurs were no strangers to putting on a show to attract the opposite sex.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds unexplained bird deaths

11-26-2015 | 13

Scientists have been struggling to explain why some UK garden birds are drowning themselves en masse.

Nature & Environment

Mystery goop kills birds in San Francisco Bay

1-23-2015 | 13

Authorities have been struggling to identify a strange goo that's been wreaking havoc on local wildlife.

Nature & Environment

Birds can sense a tornado over 900km away

12-20-2014 | 16

A species of warbler was observed evacuating its nest one day in advance of an approaching tornado.

Nature & Environment

Swarms of ladybirds invade Romanian town

11-12-2014 | 14

Local residents have been forced to seal up their homes to keep out tens of thousands of the red insects.


Dinosaurs shrank for over 50 million years

8-2-2014 | 13

Researchers have been piecing together how therapod dinosaurs eventually became today's birds.

Nature & Environment

Blonde women attacked by crows in London

6-5-2014 | 42

A group of real-life angry birds has been terrorizing fair-haired visitors to London's Eltham Park South.

Nature & Environment

Why do birds fly in a 'V' formation ?

1-21-2014 | 11

Scientists have been able to determine the advantages of the distinctive formation for the first time.


New dinosaur resurrection method proposed

12-23-2013 | 27

According to one biochemist, it may one day be possible to 'de-evolve' birds back in to dinosaurs.

Nature & Environment

Crocodiles use tools to hunt birds

12-3-2013 | 12

Crocodiles and alligators have been observed using a special technique to lure and catch birds.

Nature & Environment

Swifts can keep flying for months at a time

10-9-2013 | 14

Researchers have discovered that some birds can maintain continuous flight for over six months.

Nature & Environment

Can birds tell what a road's speed limit is ?

8-22-2013 | 10

A new study has revealed that birds react differently to cars on a road depending on the speed limit.

Nature & Environment

15 new bird species found in the Amazon

6-7-2013 | 8

The Amazon rainforest has yielded a treasure trove of 15 species of previously undiscovered birds.


Did prehistoric birds fly with four wings ?

3-15-2013 | 14

Some of the earliest birds may have taken to the skies using a set of four wings instead of two.


Ancient birds sported strong teeth

1-11-2013 | 1

An early bird species called Sulcavis geeorum had a set of teeth evolved to support a special diet.

Nature & Environment

Dead birds rain from sky over New Jersey

8-16-2012 | 18

Dozens of dead birds littered the streets this week after plummeting from the New Jersey skies.

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