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Prehistoric carnivorous 'terror beast' worm fossils unearthed in Greenland

1-5-2024 | 2

Over 500 million years ago, these huge predatory worms prowled the Cambrian seas.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scientists and UFO researchers weigh in on subcommittee hearing

7-28-2023 | 202

Prominent figures including Professor Brian Cox and MUFON director David MacDonald have offered up their reactions.

The UFO Phenomenon

Aliens have been mutilating sheep in Wales, UFO hunter claims

5-30-2023 | 30

A spate of mysterious sheep deaths in the Welsh Cambrian mountains has been attributed to extraterrestrial visitors.

Modern Mysteries

Queen's Brian May photographs a crop circle

5-25-2022 | 22

The legendary rock guitarist, who has a PhD in astrophysics, recently spotted something odd in a field in the UK.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Has the Hadron Collider disproven ghosts ?

2-24-2017 | 152

According to Professor Brian Cox, if ghosts existed, CERN's atom smasher should have found them by now.


Could aliens have wiped themselves out ?

10-10-2016 | 141

Professor Brian Cox maintains that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations may inevitably self-destruct.

Nature & Environment

Brian the 'surfing' spider can walk on water

3-10-2016 | 7

A newly discovered species of spider in Australia spends most of its time hunting in freshwater streams.

Space & Astronomy

Hidden ocean could support life on Pluto

9-1-2015 | 15

Professor Brian Cox has put forward the notion that Pluto may he capable of harboring primitive life.

Science & Technology

Brian Cox: 'stupidity' is our biggest threat

9-30-2014 | 45

Professor Brian Cox believes that 'human stupidity' is the biggest threat to civilization.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Heart attack victim: 'there is an afterlife'

2-21-2014 | 384

41-year-old Brian Miller reported a vivid near-death experience when his heart stopped for 45 minutes.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sighted over New York State

8-24-2012 | 98

A silvery disc-shaped object was sighted over the town of Vestal this month by Brian Titus.

Science & Technology

Nobel laureate touts E-Cat cold fusion

6-27-2011 | 8

Nobel prize winner Dr. Brian Josephson is trying to increase awareness of E-cat cold fusion.

World of the Bizarre

Man 'buys' $3billion CD-ROM on Amazon

1-2-2010 | 11

A US man who discovered a mispriced item on Amazon decided to purchase the $3 billion CD and see what happened. Brian Kl...


Dinosaurs the 'couch potatoes'

7-8-2009 | 8

Leading zoologist Dr Brian McNab has described dinosaurs as the "couch potatoes" of the prehistoric world due to their s...

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