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Archaeology & History

A valley of lost cities has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest

1-26-2024 | 2

LiDAR technology has made it possible for archaeologists to peer beneath the dense foliage.

Archaeology & History

Long-lost 18km Maya road discovered beneath the jungles of Mexico

 VIDEO  12-6-2023 | 0

Archaeologists spotted the road, which was once a major highway connecting two cities, using LiDAR scanning.

Science & Technology

Will the Earth eventually end up like Coruscant from Star Wars ?

3-22-2023 | 10

Our cities are getting larger all the time, but is it really plausible for them to ever cover the entire planet ?


Two cities in Mexico are said to be protected by a nearby 'alien base'

11-16-2022 | 4

Many residents of Madero and Tampico believe that nearby extraterrestrials are protecting their cities from hurricanes.

World of the Bizarre

Group claims 'alien base' is protecting Mexico

7-18-2020 | 1

A group in the country's north-east believes that aliens are helping to protect local cities from hurricanes.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Georgian-esque 'ghost shop' opens in York

 VIDEO  8-29-2019 | 8

A suitably authentic looking ghost shop has opened its doors in one of England's most haunted cities.

Nature & Environment

1 billion birds a year killed by US skyscrapers

4-7-2019 | 12

New research has revealed just how dangerous tall, reflective buildings are to wild birds in large cities.

Nature & Environment

It's official - cats are rubbish at catching rats

9-30-2018 | 12

A new study has cast doubt on the practice of releasing cats in to cities to help curb rat populations.

World of the Bizarre

Artist can draw entire cities from memory

 VIDEO  4-18-2018 | 7

Stephen Wiltshire, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, is one of the world's most skilled artists.

Science & Technology

Pollution can outweigh benefits of exercise

2-26-2017 | 10

In some of the world's most polluted cities, exercising outside can actually do more harm than good.

Science & Technology

Smog is more toxic in Europe than in China

2-10-2017 | 11

Air pollution in Europe and North America may be 27 times more toxic than the smog over Chinese cities.

The UFO Phenomenon

Quadcopter drone causes UFO flap in Austria

 VIDEO  10-30-2016 | 5

The remote-operated aerial drone managed to cause quite a stir in the cities of Vienna and Graz.

World of the Bizarre

Identical twins give birth at the same time

7-8-2016 | 5

Two identical twin sisters located in two different US cities have given birth at exactly the same time.

Archaeology & History

Multiple hidden cities found near Angkor Wat

6-13-2016 | 13

Ancient ruins that have lain hidden beneath the ground for centuries have been discovered in Cambodia.

Science & Technology

Cities may soon be able to repair themselves

10-21-2015 | 9

A new research grant in the UK has been awarded to help develop autonomous city maintenance drones.

Nature & Environment

Cities are causing spiders to grow bigger

8-21-2014 | 19

A new study has shown that urban areas are causing spiders to grow larger and multiply more rapidly.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Mayan cities found in Mexican jungle

8-15-2014 | 35

The ancient stone ruins were found during an expedition led by Slovenian archaeologist Ivan Sprajc.

Science & Technology

Big coastal cities sinking in to the ground

5-3-2014 | 9

Subsiding land could prove to be a bigger threat to some large cities than rising sea levels.

Science & Technology

Beijing to test giant smog pollution vacuum

10-23-2013 | 17

A novel new technique for dealing with smog is to be trialled in one of China's largest cities.

Science & Technology

Cities to be drowned by rising seas by 2100

8-27-2013 | 70

A leaked report from the IPCC has painted a grim picture of the future implications of climate change.

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