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Science & Technology

Could Atlantic 'tipping point' bring about a real-life 'Day After Tomorrow' ?

2-12-2024 | 30

A new study has painted a worrying picture of what could happen if the Gulf Stream was shut down by climate change.


Why do some people believe that climate change is a hoax ?

5-8-2023 | 135

Psychologist Jeremy P. Shapiro explores the misconceptions that lead some people to become climate change deniers.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Climate change could impact the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster

9-1-2022 | 7

Rising temperatures and other environmental changes could make it easier to locate Scotland's elusive monster.

Science & Technology

UN climate report: 'a code red for humanity'

 VIDEO  8-9-2021 | 78

A major new report has found an 'unequivocal' link between human activities and climate change.

Nature & Environment

Antarctica is turning green, new study finds

 VIDEO  5-20-2020 | 11

The effects of climate change have sparked a bloom of microscopic algae across the Antarctic peninsula.

Nature & Environment

Animals will likely 'downsize' in the future

6-17-2019 | 1

A new study has suggested that larger animals will go extinct while smaller, insect-eating animals will thrive.

Science & Technology

Climate change reversal 'relatively inexpensive'

11-23-2018 | 35

A geoengineering technique known as stratospheric aerosol injection could reverse global warming.


World's first animals caused global warming

7-3-2018 | 43

Climate change is not a new thing, as evidenced by global warming that occurred over 500 million years ago.

Science & Technology

'Karakoram anomaly' defies climate change

8-8-2017 | 7

A 'vortex' of cold air over the Karakoram mountain range has been causing glaciers to continue growing.

Science & Technology

Permian mass extinction 'could happen again'

3-25-2017 | 6

A catastrophic rise in temperature wiped out the vast majority of life on Earth 250 million years ago.


Did humans wipe out Australia's megafauna ?

1-22-2017 | 5

A new study has cast doubt on the idea that climate change wiped out most of Australia's huge beasts.

Science & Technology

Global warming 'beyond point of no return'

12-2-2016 | 178

A groundbreaking new study suggests that scientists have underestimated the impact of climate change.

Science & Technology

This year's global warming is off the charts

7-27-2016 | 58

Climate scientists have expressed concern over the record-breaking temperatures seen so far this year.

Science & Technology

Climate change could prompt 'mass migration'

3-14-2016 | 47

As many as 13 million people who live on the US coast could become homeless by the end of the century.

Nature & Environment

'Man stupid, fix Earth' says Koko the gorilla

 VIDEO  1-2-2016 | 58

A gorilla who can speak sign language has appeared in a new video to raise awareness for climate change.

Science & Technology

Could 'The Day After Tomorrow' come true ?

10-11-2015 | 39

The events of the hit Roland Emmerich disaster movie may actually become a reality in the coming decades.

Science & Technology

CIA ends secretive climate research project

5-24-2015 | 48

The CIA has pulled the plug on a project designed to investigate climate-related security threats.

Nature & Environment

Termite mounds help combat climate change

2-8-2015 | 2

Far from being unwanted pests, termites are actually turning out to be good for the environment.

Nature & Environment

Attenborough calls for climate change action

1-3-2015 | 39

The naturalist believes that world leaders are in denial over the dangers posed by global warming.

Science & Technology

Climate change fixes 'could harm billions'

11-27-2014 | 59

Geo-engineering schemes designed to tackle global warming could prove disastrous for billions of people.

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