Monday, July 4, 2022
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Snowboarder encountered 'Bigfoot' in Colorado Rockies

1-18-2022 | 32

A British man who had been snowboarding in the Rockies observed a mysterious bipedal creature.


'Captured sasquatch' turns heads in Colorado

 VIDEO  6-9-2021 | 4

A 'Bigfoot' being transported from Ohio to Colorado managed to attract a fair amount of attention.

Modern Mysteries

'Cursed' rock is returned to Colorado park

7-26-2020 | 7

A rock that was picked up three years ago from a park in Colorado has since been branded 'cursed' by its owner.


Man wins $1M lottery prize twice in one day

4-29-2020 | 9

One fortunate Colorado resident couldn't believe his luck when he managed to scoop two consecutive jackpots.

The UFO Phenomenon

Witnesses recall UFO that landed in Colorado

3-11-2020 | 4

Something strange visited the southwest side of Colorado Springs one summer night 28 years ago.

Modern Mysteries

US Air Force couldn't explain mystery drones

2-29-2020 | 19

Newly released emails show that officials at F.E. Warren AFB did not know who was behind the Colorado drones.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Police respond to report of 'demonic sounds'

2-18-2020 | 12

Officers were called out to investigate a very strange incident in Pueblo, Colorado on February 13th.

Modern Mysteries

FAA launches investigation into mystery drones

 VIDEO  1-1-2020 | 74

Officials across multiple government agencies are now working to determine who is behind the Colorado drones.

Science & Technology

Authorities baffled by fleet of mystery drones

12-27-2019 | 74

A fleet of drones has been making regular appearances over the last week and even the US military is mystified.


Flat Earthers gather for Denver conference

 VIDEO  11-19-2018 | 62

More than 650 people gathered in Colorado this month to promote the idea that our planet is as flat as a pancake.


Gust of wind sends portable toilets flying

 VIDEO  6-16-2018 | 13

Bystanders ran for cover as a freak gust sent two toilets flying through the air at a park in Colorado this week.


Bear manages to get itself stuck inside a car

 VIDEO  7-15-2016 | 8

Deputies were called out in Colorado on Tuesday after a Subaru owner found a black bear trapped inside.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery symbols turn up at Colorado campuses

 VIDEO  3-4-2016 | 25

Students and teachers across Colorado have been encountering strange symbols at their universities.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Colorado woman becomes accidental genius

5-17-2015 | 17

Leigh Erceg was left a changed woman after surviving terrible injuries sustained in a fall down a ravine.


Giant 13-pound baby is born in Colorado

12-6-2014 | 19

An expectant mother got the surprise of her life when her baby was born weighing a whopping 13lbs.


Researchers claim DNA proof of Bigfoot

2-14-2013 | 117

A group of researchers in Colorado claim to have recorded DNA test results that prove Bigfoot exists.

The UFO Phenomenon

Three red lights hover over Colorado town

3-28-2011 | 57

Three red lights caught on film over Colorado during the weekend have generated a lot of interest online.


Highway sign displays zombie warning

3-17-2011 | 29

Drivers in Colorado were perplexed on Monday morning by a road sign warning them about zombies.


Rare 'panda cow' born in Colorado

1-3-2011 | 13

An extremely rare 'panda cow' born in Larimer County is believed to be one of only 24 in the world.


Colorado girl struck by lightning in her bedroom

6-6-2010 | 14

A 9-year-old girl was in her bedroom watching TV when a lighting strike came in her window and hit her.

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