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Science & Technology

Scientists develop flying 'Bat Bot' drone

 VIDEO  2-6-2017 | 7

The novel design takes its inspiration from the way bats fly rather than relying on spinning rotors.

Science & Technology

'Umbrella Drone' can keep the rain off you

1-24-2017 | 9

A firm in England is selling a bizarre drone with an umbrella that will attempt to keep you dry outside.

Science & Technology

Amazon considers 'flying warehouse' airship

1-2-2017 | 3

A new patent for a flying fulfillment center could soon see Amazon parcels being delivered from above.

Science & Technology

US Army builds drone-busting 'Phaser' weapon

 VIDEO  11-16-2016 | 14

The futuristic-sounding device is designed to combat the threat posed by cheap unmanned aerial drones.

Science & Technology

US military trials electric brain stimulation

11-14-2016 | 7

Drone operators and other military personnel could have their effectiveness boosted by electrical pulses.

The UFO Phenomenon

Quadcopter drone causes UFO flap in Austria

 VIDEO  10-30-2016 | 5

The remote-operated aerial drone managed to cause quite a stir in the cities of Vienna and Graz.

Science & Technology

Military is trying to build its own hoverbike

 VIDEO  9-4-2016 | 1

The US Army has been developing a rideable hoverbike concept that looks a bit like a quadcopter drone.

Science & Technology

Scientists are attempting to 'grow' drones

 VIDEO  7-3-2016 | 9

New research is aiming to chemically grow unmanned aerial drones to make them quicker to produce.

Archaeology & History

Mysterious monument found in ancient Petra

6-10-2016 | 10

Archaeologists using drone and satellite imagery have identified a massive new ceremonial platform.

Science & Technology

British inventor unveils working hoverbike

 VIDEO  5-1-2016 | 11

Madcap YouTube boffin Colin Furze has come up with his own homemade drone bicycle that actually flies.

Science & Technology

'Death ray' could stop drones over Heathrow

4-27-2016 | 7

Authorities are investigating new security measures to stop drones being used to attack airplanes.

Science & Technology

Huge flying eyeball heralds new era of drones

 VIDEO  3-20-2016 | 13

A new type of aerial vehicle is capable of flying at low altitudes without any risk of damage or injury.

Science & Technology

Company trains eagles to take down drones

 VIDEO  2-2-2016 | 17

A company in the Netherlands has found what it refers to as a 'low-tech solution to a high-tech problem.'

Science & Technology

Cities may soon be able to repair themselves

10-21-2015 | 9

A new research grant in the UK has been awarded to help develop autonomous city maintenance drones.

Science & Technology

The Pentagon is working on 'vanishing drones'

10-13-2015 | 5

A new type of military drone could disappear entirely in to thin air after completing its objectives.

Science & Technology

Drones could plant one billion trees a year

 VIDEO  10-6-2015 | 25

A new UK-based startup company has an ambitious plan to automate the process of planting trees.

Nature & Environment

Drone-busting chimp shows 'forward planning'

 VIDEO  9-4-2015 | 9

Scientists have been studying the case of a chimp that used a branch to knock a drone out of the air.

Science & Technology

Boeing unveils new anti-drone laser cannon

 VIDEO  8-28-2015 | 10

The aerospace giant has developed a new weapon system designed specifically to shoot down drones.

Nature & Environment

Aerial drones can scare black bears to death

8-14-2015 | 7

New research suggests that drones stress bears out so much that they can suffer a heart attack.

Space & Astronomy

'Boomerang' drone could fly around on Mars

7-1-2015 | 4

Scientists have developed a prototype of a strange new boomerang-shaped aircraft for use on Mars.

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