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Space & Astronomy

Future Mars rovers could be autonomous

1-2-2019 | 1

Exploratory vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence could open up the surface of Mars like never before.


NASA should be looking for ET, say scientists

10-17-2018 | 4

A new report has suggested that searching for evidence of alien life should be part of all future space missions.

Science & Technology

Future of 1,000mph supersonic car in doubt

10-15-2018 | 15

An attempt to build the first car capable of exceeding 1,000mph has hit a major financial roadblock.

Space & Astronomy

Water ice detected on the surface of the Moon

 VIDEO  8-21-2018 | 33

The ice deposits could prove to be an important resource for astronauts setting up a manned outpost in the future.

Modern Mysteries

'Time traveler' claims to be from the year 6491

 VIDEO  6-4-2018 | 41

A man who claims to be from the future is subjected to a lie detector test in a rather dubious new video.

Science & Technology

Hawking service 'open to time travelers'

 VIDEO  5-12-2018 | 8

Organizers of Stephen Hawking's memorial service have seemingly left the door open to visitors from the future.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk warns of 'immortal AI dictator'

4-9-2018 | 26

The SpaceX CEO has warned of a future ruled by an unstoppable AI that could ultimately destroy mankind.

Modern Mysteries

Man claims to be a time traveler from 2030

 VIDEO  2-14-2018 | 57

A man who claims to have traveled back in time has made several predictions about the future.

Science & Technology

Scientists make tractor beam breakthrough

 VIDEO  1-22-2018 | 7

An acoustic tractor beam could make it possible to levitate large objects within the not-too-distant future.

Space & Astronomy

Large water ice glaciers discovered on Mars

1-12-2018 | 0

The ice, which is thought to descend almost 330ft, could help to support a future manned presence on Mars.

World of the Bizarre

Woman 'predicts the future' using asparagus

1-8-2018 | 16

61-year-old Jemima Packington from Evesham, England claims to be the world's only known 'asparamancer'.

Science & Technology

15,000 scientists issue 'warning to humanity'

11-13-2017 | 82

Thousands of scientists from 184 countries have issued a stark warning about the future of our planet.

Science & Technology

Hawking: 'AI will eventually replace humans'

11-3-2017 | 13

The world-famous physicist has reiterated his concerns about artificial intelligence and the future of mankind.

Space & Astronomy

Mars astronauts could have their DNA altered

10-9-2017 | 15

NASA has been exploring ways to protect astronauts from deadly radiation during future missions to Mars.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk 'time traveler' arrested in Wyoming

10-5-2017 | 38

A man from Casper was picked up by local law enforcement after claiming to have come from the future.

Modern Mysteries

Woman arrested over 1990 'killer clown' case

9-27-2017 | 9

Authorities in the US have arrested a woman on suspicion of murdering her future husband's former wife.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk unveils futuristic SpaceX spacesuit

8-24-2017 | 9

The private space firm has developed its own stylish spacesuit for use during future manned missions.

Science & Technology

Remote-operated doctor prepares for action

7-2-2017 | 1

A robotic doctor that can be controlled from hundreds of miles away could be the future of health care.

World of the Bizarre

Man is caught driving at 88mph in a DeLorean

6-4-2017 | 8

Rather than travelling through time, the 'Back to the Future' fan ended up with a speeding ticket.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO drama 'Blue Book' inspired by real events

5-29-2017 | 13

'Back to the Future' director Robert Zemeckis will be producing a new TV series about Project Blue Book.

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