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Nature & Environment

Giant squid washes up on beach in South Africa

5-7-2022 | 3

The enormous cephalopod was recently discovered washed up along the shoreline in Kommetjie.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid filmed hunting in very rare video

 VIDEO  5-17-2021 | 8

For the first time, scientists have filmed a giant squid feeding in its natural habitat in the depths of the ocean.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid washes up on beach in South Africa

 VIDEO  6-13-2020 | 8

Beachgoers at St Helena Bay were surprised to discover this giant cephalopod on the sand on Sunday morning.

Nature & Environment

Shark shows signs of scrap with a giant squid

6-11-2020 | 4

An oceanic whitetip shark was recently found with scarring consistent with a fight with a giant cephalopod.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid may be intelligent, new study finds

1-19-2020 | 7

For the first time ever, scientists have successfully sequenced the genome of the elusive giant squid.

Nature & Environment

Mermaid-like squid captured on deep-sea cam

11-6-2019 | 14

Researchers have posted up an eerie image showing the human-like silhouette of a large cephalopod.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid filmed in the Gulf of Mexico

 VIDEO  6-23-2019 | 6

Scientists have captured footage of a huge cephalopod emerging from the gloom 750m below the surface.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid washes up on New Zealand beach

8-27-2018 | 11

A huge squid measuring 4.2 meters long has been discovered washed up on the Wellington coastline.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid may grow larger than a school bus

5-27-2016 | 9

A new study has suggested that giant squid may actually grow to be much larger than previously believed.

Nature & Environment

Live giant squid filmed off coast of Japan

 VIDEO  12-27-2015 | 15

An underwater camera has picked up rare footage of a large squid in the waters of Japan's Toyama Bay.

Nature & Environment

First ever juvenile giant squid discovered

10-24-2015 | 6

Scientists have identified the first ever baby giant squid in specimens fished up off the coast of Japan.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid caught on film by Russian sailors

 VIDEO  7-24-2015 | 26

The crew of a fishing vessel recorded a huge squid attempting to make off with a fish they had caught.

Nature & Environment

Fishermen see giant squid as 'omen' in Japan

3-3-2014 | 12

A rise in giant squid numbers along the Japanese coast has left fisherman feeling a bit nervous.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid washes up on beach in Spain

10-7-2013 | 9

The aquatic behemoth measured over 10m in length and was found washed ashore on Spain's La Arena beach.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid are all one species

3-26-2013 | 4

New studies in to the enigmatic giant squid have revealed them to have very little genetic diversity.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid filmed in the Pacific depths

1-8-2013 | 17

A science team has managed to capture footage of a giant squid in its natural habitat for the first time.

Nature & Environment

Is the giant squid the new giant panda ?

5-14-2011 | 18

Scientists have proposed using the giant squid as a symbol for marine conservation efforts.

Nature & Environment

Battle of the depths: shark vs squid

3-8-2010 | 14

Great white sharks are thought to be migrating west to do battle with giant squids in epic deep-sea confrontations.

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