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Nature & Environment

Scientists outline outrageous plan to refreeze the North and South Poles

9-16-2022 | 28

The controversial plan would involve using a fleet of 125 tanker jets to shroud part of the Earth's atmosphere.

Science & Technology

Mystery 'blob' of hot water found in the Pacific

1-6-2020 | 14

A vast swathe of water exhibiting an unexpectedly high temperature has left scientists scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

Is lab-grown meat environmentally friendly ?

2-19-2019 | 12

A new study has indicated that growing meat in a laboratory may actually make global warming worse.

Science & Technology

Pacific depths still cooling due to 'Little Ice Age'

 VIDEO  1-6-2019 | 4

Despite global warming, the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is still cooling thanks to a centuries-old cold spell.

Science & Technology

Climate change reversal 'relatively inexpensive'

11-23-2018 | 35

A geoengineering technique known as stratospheric aerosol injection could reverse global warming.

Nature & Environment

'Bugpocalypse' sees major decline in insects

10-16-2018 | 7

A worrying new study has highlighted the catastrophic effects of global warming on insect populations.

Science & Technology

Scientists warn of dangers of 'Hothouse Earth'

8-7-2018 | 88

A runaway global warming effect may still occur even if countries do manage to slash CO2 emissions.


World's first animals caused global warming

7-3-2018 | 43

Climate change is not a new thing, as evidenced by global warming that occurred over 500 million years ago.

Science & Technology

Scientist suggests sprinkling salt in the sky

3-27-2018 | 13

Salt particles, he argues, would reflect more of the Sun's rays back in to space and help to reduce global warming.

Science & Technology

Could 'super corals' repopulate coral reefs ?

3-18-2018 | 2

Scientists are attempting to create a breed of coral that is more resistant to the effects of global warming.

Science & Technology

Extreme weather tops 2018's global threats list

1-17-2018 | 20

1,000 risk management experts from around the world have outlined this year's top man-made threats.

Science & Technology

15,000 scientists issue 'warning to humanity'

11-13-2017 | 82

Thousands of scientists from 184 countries have issued a stark warning about the future of our planet.

Science & Technology

Extreme weather could kill 150,000 per year

8-6-2017 | 100

Scientists have warned that extreme weather events could prove devastating by the end of the century.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking: 'Trump could turn Earth in to Venus'

7-5-2017 | 326

In an interview on his 75th birthday, Professor Stephen Hawking warned of the dangers of global warming.

Science & Technology

Scientists set to geoengineer the atmosphere

4-14-2017 | 11

For a new experiment, Harvard researchers are planning to spray aerosols in to the Earth's stratosphere.

Science & Technology

Sea levels could rise by 30ft, study warns

1-20-2017 | 32

Scientists have warned that global sea levels could continue to rise over the coming decades.

Science & Technology

Global warming 'beyond point of no return'

12-2-2016 | 178

A groundbreaking new study suggests that scientists have underestimated the impact of climate change.

Science & Technology

July was hottest month in recorded history

8-16-2016 | 21

New data revealed by NASA has shown that global temperatures have been reaching record levels this year.

Science & Technology

This year's global warming is off the charts

7-27-2016 | 58

Climate scientists have expressed concern over the record-breaking temperatures seen so far this year.

Science & Technology

Scientists turn carbon dioxide into stone

6-12-2016 | 13

The breakthrough could offer up a new way to help curb the level of global carbon dioxide emissions.

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