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Nature & Environment

'Murder hornet' nest found with 1,500 larvae

8-29-2021 | 13

The battle to stop these giant, invasive wasps from gaining a foothold in the United States is heating up.

Nature & Environment

Dead 'murder hornet' discovered in the US

6-17-2021 | 3

The dried-up specimen is the first giant Asian hornet found in the United States so far this year.

Nature & Environment

First 'murder hornet' nest found in the US

 VIDEO  10-24-2020 | 44

A nest of enormous invasive wasp-like insects has reportedly been discovered for the first time on US soil.

Nature & Environment

'Murder hornets' have reportedly entered the US

 VIDEO  5-3-2020 | 44

An invasive species of giant hornet has the potential to devastate honey bee populations, experts have warned.

Modern Mysteries

USS Hornet wreck located on the sea floor

 VIDEO  2-13-2019 | 3

The final resting place of the World War II-era aircraft carrier has been discovered off the Solomon Islands.

Nature & Environment

Massive hornet's nest removed in new video

 VIDEO  11-27-2017 | 8

Louisiana exterminator Jude Verret was called out recently to remove a truly monstrous nest of hornets.

Nature & Environment

Asian hornets begin appearing in the UK

9-21-2016 | 5

Authorities have warned that this invasive species of hornet could decimate local bee populations.

Nature & Environment

Woman finds monstrous hornet in her closet

4-21-2016 | 32

One unsuspecting Twitter user was shocked to discover a gigantic insect sitting on top of her clothes.

Nature & Environment

Man stung 37 times by swarm of huge hornets

10-25-2015 | 14

David Williams-Jones was attacked by thousands of the insects after accidentally stepping on their nest.

World of the Bizarre

Hornets' nest falls through couple's ceiling

9-3-2014 | 10

Firefighters were called in to rescue two people after their home was invaded by giant hornets.

World of the Bizarre

Man tames giant hornet and keeps it as a pet

8-14-2014 | 36

The unnamed man from Japan allegedly ties string to the insect and takes it out for regular walks.

Nature & Environment

Dozens killed by giant hornets in China

9-27-2013 | 16

Stings from swarms of the giant flying insects have left several people dead and hundreds more injured.

Nature & Environment

30 giant Japanese hornets kill 30,000 bees

1-14-2012 | 26

A new documentary shows footage of the massacre of 30,000 bees at the hands of just 30 giant hornets.

Nature & Environment

Asian hornets could invade Britain

2-27-2011 | 12

A species of aggressive hornet that has already invaded France could move to Britain within 3 years.

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