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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Natural World

Flying insect numbers drop by 75% in 27 years

10-20-2017 | 16

A new study has highlighted a huge reduction in the number of flying insects in Germany's nature reserves.


Insect burgers to go on sale in Switzerland

8-16-2017 | 20

Insect-based edibles are beginning to appear in shops after a recent revision of food safety laws.

Natural World

Rare 'T. rex' ants discovered in Singapore

 VIDEO  5-18-2017 | 1

For the first time ever, scientists have had the opportunity to study a colony of these elusive insects.

Science & Technology

Are insects and fake meat the future of food?

5-5-2017 | 53

Scientists have indicated that we may need to make some major dietary changes over the coming years.

Natural World

Bolivia is under siege by a plague of locusts

 VIDEO  2-13-2017 | 0

The South American country has declared a state of emergency following a mass influx of the insects.


'Alien' insect is unlike any ever seen before

 VIDEO  1-30-2017 | 13

The find is so unusual that it has had to be assigned to a whole new branch of the insect family tree.

Science & Technology

Edible insects are a very good source of iron

11-13-2016 | 12

Suffering from iron deficiency ? Try dining on a few cooked grasshoppers, crickets and buffalo worms.

Natural World

New study claims that insects are conscious

4-27-2016 | 22

Scientists now believe that conscious awareness and subjective experience may be common in insects.

Natural World

Woman finds monstrous hornet in her closet

4-21-2016 | 32

One unsuspecting Twitter user was shocked to discover a gigantic insect sitting on top of her clothes.

Science & Technology

Scientists create controllable cyborg beetle

3-30-2016 | 7

A cross between a robot and a beetle, the cybernetic insect can be commanded to walk or run on demand.


Prehistoric 'butterfly' fossils discovered

2-12-2016 | 4

A type of insect that looked very much like a modern butterfly was common during the Jurassic period.

Natural World

Man stung 37 times by swarm of huge hornets

10-25-2015 | 14

David Williams-Jones was attacked by thousands of the insects after accidentally stepping on their nest.

Science & Technology

Team develops water-walking robot insects

 VIDEO  8-2-2015 | 2

Researchers from South Korea and the US have created a robot that is capable of walking on water.


Prehistoric insect found trapped in amber

5-3-2015 | 15

A 100 million-year-old predatory cockroach has been found perfectly preserved in a piece of amber.

Natural World

Bullet ant has world's most painful sting

3-15-2015 | 21

The South American insect measures 2.5cm long and delivers an agonizing bite that hurts for up to a day.

Natural World

Are spiders capable of keeping count ?

1-29-2015 | 15

Scientists believe that golden orb-web spiders may be able to count how many insects they've caught.

Natural World

World's second longest insect discovered

12-4-2014 | 15

An incredible stick insect measuring up to 54cm long has been found by researchers in Vietnam.

Science & Technology

'Fly factories' to produce edible insects

11-25-2014 | 30

Facilities in France and Holland are set to produce crispy maggots for use in restaurant delicacies.

Natural World

Swarms of ladybirds invade Romanian town

11-12-2014 | 14

Local residents have been forced to seal up their homes to keep out tens of thousands of the red insects.


Man tames giant hornet and keeps it as a pet

8-14-2014 | 36

The unnamed man from Japan allegedly ties string to the insect and takes it out for regular walks.

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