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Nature & Environment

Bullet ant has world's most painful sting

3-15-2015 | 21

The South American insect measures 2.5cm long and delivers an agonizing bite that hurts for up to a day.

Nature & Environment

Are spiders capable of keeping count ?

1-29-2015 | 15

Scientists believe that golden orb-web spiders may be able to count how many insects they've caught.

Nature & Environment

World's second longest insect discovered

12-4-2014 | 15

An incredible stick insect measuring up to 54cm long has been found by researchers in Vietnam.

Science & Technology

'Fly factories' to produce edible insects

11-25-2014 | 30

Facilities in France and Holland are set to produce crispy maggots for use in restaurant delicacies.

Nature & Environment

Swarms of ladybirds invade Romanian town

11-12-2014 | 14

Local residents have been forced to seal up their homes to keep out tens of thousands of the red insects.

World of the Bizarre

Man tames giant hornet and keeps it as a pet

8-14-2014 | 36

The unnamed man from Japan allegedly ties string to the insect and takes it out for regular walks.

Nature & Environment

New giant insect discovered in China

7-26-2014 | 29

Scientists have identified what is believed to be the largest aquatic insect found anywhere in the world.

Nature & Environment

Millions of mayflies descend on Wisconsin

 VIDEO  7-23-2014 | 15

The air was teeming with the insects following a mass hatching from the nearby Mississippi River.

Nature & Environment

Malaysia invaded by giant 6-inch moths

 VIDEO  6-18-2014 | 25

Swarms of the flying insects have been descending on towns across the country in their thousands.

Nature & Environment

Radar mystery turns out to be insect swarm

6-4-2014 | 11

Meteorologists in Albuquerque were left perplexed when several mysterious hits showed up on their radar.

Nature & Environment

Scientists solve why zebras have stripes

4-2-2014 | 36

A new study has revealed the strongest evidence yet that the stripes help to deter biting insects.

Nature & Environment

Dozens killed by giant hornets in China

9-27-2013 | 16

Stings from swarms of the giant flying insects have left several people dead and hundreds more injured.


A real-life Jurassic Park may not be possible

9-14-2013 | 16

Scientists have played down the idea that dinosaur DNA can be extracted from insects preserved in amber.

Science & Technology

Cyborg cockroach project launched

6-11-2013 | 9

Semi-robotic insects that can be controlled with a mobile phone are being developed by researchers.

Science & Technology

Insects evolving resistance to GM crops

6-11-2013 | 5

Several species of insects have adapted to deal with crops genetically engineered to produce insecticide.

Nature & Environment

Swarms of termites descend on southeast

5-24-2013 | 13

Thousands of the insects have turned some areas in to something reminiscent of a B horror movie.

Science & Technology

UN urges people to eat insects

5-14-2013 | 144

The United Nations has suggested that eating insects could help solve world food shortages.

Science & Technology

Scientists make 'bug-eye' camera

5-6-2013 | 7

A sophisticated camera built to function the same as an insect's compound eye has been developed.

Nature & Environment

Panama rainforest home to 25,000 species

12-18-2012 | 7

The San Lorenzo forest is estimated to be home to as many as 6,000 species of insect per acre of trees.

Nature & Environment

Can insects reach the size of humans ?

10-22-2012 | 35

Giant insects have been featured in science fiction films for years, but how big can they actually get ?

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