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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Natural World

New giant insect discovered in China

7-26-2014 | 29

Scientists have identified what is believed to be the largest aquatic insect found anywhere in the world.

Natural World

Millions of mayflies descend on Wisconsin

 VIDEO  7-23-2014 | 15

The air was teeming with the insects following a mass hatching from the nearby Mississippi River.

Natural World

Malaysia invaded by giant 6-inch moths

 VIDEO  6-18-2014 | 25

Swarms of the flying insects have been descending on towns across the country in their thousands.

Natural World

Radar mystery turns out to be insect swarm

6-4-2014 | 11

Meteorologists in Albuquerque were left perplexed when several mysterious hits showed up on their radar.

Natural World

Scientists solve why zebras have stripes

4-2-2014 | 36

A new study has revealed the strongest evidence yet that the stripes help to deter biting insects.

Natural World

Dozens killed by giant hornets in China

9-27-2013 | 16

Stings from swarms of the giant flying insects have left several people dead and hundreds more injured.


A real-life Jurassic Park may not be possible

9-14-2013 | 16

Scientists have played down the idea that dinosaur DNA can be extracted from insects preserved in amber.

Science & Technology

Cyborg cockroach project launched

6-11-2013 | 9

Semi-robotic insects that can be controlled with a mobile phone are being developed by researchers.

Science & Technology

Insects evolving resistance to GM crops

6-11-2013 | 5

Several species of insects have adapted to deal with crops genetically engineered to produce insecticide.

Natural World

Swarms of termites descend on southeast

5-24-2013 | 13

Thousands of the insects have turned some areas in to something reminiscent of a B horror movie.

Science & Technology

UN urges people to eat insects

5-14-2013 | 144

The United Nations has suggested that eating insects could help solve world food shortages.

Science & Technology

Scientists make 'bug-eye' camera

5-6-2013 | 7

A sophisticated camera built to function the same as an insect's compound eye has been developed.

Natural World

Panama rainforest home to 25,000 species

12-18-2012 | 7

The San Lorenzo forest is estimated to be home to as many as 6,000 species of insect per acre of trees.

Natural World

Can insects reach the size of humans ?

10-22-2012 | 35

Giant insects have been featured in science fiction films for years, but how big can they actually get ?


Man dies after cockroach eating contest

10-9-2012 | 67

Edward Archbold collapsed and died after scoffing dozens of live insects as part of the event.


Oldest known bugs found trapped in amber

8-30-2012 | 12

Scientists have discovered well preserved insects dating back over 230 million years to the Triassic era.

Natural World

New insect species discovered on Flickr

8-14-2012 | 16

A photograph posted by a hiker on Flickr has lead to a whole new species of insect being identified.

Natural World

What is the world's worst insect sting ?

5-26-2012 | 70

Justin Schmidt has spent his life being stung by insects on purpose in order to find the answer.


Dinosaurs plagued by ancient giant 'fleas'

5-4-2012 | 8

A species of giant flea-like insect would have fed on the blood of dinosaurs over 165 million years ago.

Natural World

Extinct 'tree lobster' found after 80 years

3-2-2012 | 42

A species of insect thought to be extinct has been found on a sea stack in the middle of the ocean.

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