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Nature & Environment

Fish could be as intelligent as chimpanzees

11-12-2017 | 19

Scientists have found evidence to suggest that some fish can use a form of rudimentary sign language.

Science & Technology

Hawking: 'AI will eventually replace humans'

11-3-2017 | 13

The world-famous physicist has reiterated his concerns about artificial intelligence and the future of mankind.

Science & Technology

Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a robot

 VIDEO  10-28-2017 | 30

The unusual move aims to promote the country as an ideal place to develop artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Google invents an AI that learns on its own

 VIDEO  10-18-2017 | 19

The search giant has developed an artificial intelligence capable of learning without human intervention.

Science & Technology

Putin speaks out about the importance of AI

9-2-2017 | 9

The Russian leader told students across the country that 'whoever leads in AI will rule the world.'

Science & Technology

AI shut down after it invents its own language

 VIDEO  8-1-2017 | 67

Facebook was forced to shut down one of its artificial intelligence experiments due to an unforeseen issue.

Science & Technology

Could an AI determine when you will die ?

6-12-2017 | 14

A new piece of intelligent software is being developed that can predict how long you have left to live.

Science & Technology

UN is set to tackle 'killer robots' in 2017

12-28-2016 | 7

The United Nations will be addressing the threat posed by sophisticated autonomous weapons platforms.

Science & Technology

AI predicts the future by watching videos

12-5-2016 | 8

An artificial intelligence is learning how to anticipate what is going to happen in the next few seconds.

Science & Technology

Tech giants team up to form AI ethics board

9-29-2016 | 10

Several major technology companies have joined forces in an effort to prevent an AI-fuelled apocalypse.

Science & Technology

Is laziness actually a sign of intelligence ?

8-10-2016 | 56

A new study in Florida has suggested that lazy people may be more intelligent that those who are active.

Science & Technology

Google is now developing an AI 'kill switch'

6-8-2016 | 11

The search giant is working on a way to prevent intelligent machines from overriding their directives.

Science & Technology

AI wins at world's most complex board game

 VIDEO  1-28-2016 | 11

A Google-powered artificial intelligence has become the first to beat a human champion at the game Go.

Space & Astronomy

Secret US Cold War space station revealed

1-5-2016 | 18

The United States once planned to build an orbiting outpost to help gather intelligence about the USSR.

Science & Technology

Gene therapy may be able to make you smarter

12-23-2015 | 5

Scientists have discovered the region of the brain responsible for determining human intelligence.

Science & Technology

Prominent experts call for ban on AI weapons

7-28-2015 | 29

More than 1,000 top technical experts have called for a full ban on autonomous weapon systems.

Science & Technology

Robots manage to pass self-awareness test

 VIDEO  7-19-2015 | 22

Three polite robots have taken the first tentative steps towards exhibiting a sense of self-awareness.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Judgment Day' within 100 years

5-16-2015 | 25

Stephen Hawking believes that intelligent robots could be on course to destroy human civilization.

Science & Technology

AI teaches itself how to play Atari games

2-26-2015 | 9

Google's DeepMind AI is now capable of playing several Atari 2600 games as skillfully as a human.


Is the CIA developing weather weapons ?

2-15-2015 | 18

A senior US scientist has expressed concern over the use of climate data by US intelligence agencies.

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