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Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Invisible goblins' blamed for haunting of terrified family in Zimbabwe

3-16-2024 | 57

Three young children and their grandparents have allegedly been at the mercy of some mischievous entities.

Science & Technology

UK company develops working invisibility shield

 VIDEO  3-24-2022 | 8

Move over Harry Potter - one UK-based startup is about to give the iconic wizard's invisibility cloak a run for its money.

World of the Bizarre

Artist sells absolutely nothing for $18,300

5-30-2021 | 29

An 'invisible sculpture' consisting of absolutely nothing whatsoever has sold for a ridiculous price at auction.

Space & Astronomy

New clue found in the hunt for dark matter

3-4-2020 | 13

Scientists may have finally determined what might be behind this mysterious, invisible form of matter.

Science & Technology

New 'invisibility cloak' is remarkably effective

 VIDEO  10-18-2019 | 13

A Canadian company has come up with a new material that can render large objects almost totally invisible.

World of the Bizarre

'Invisible car' illusion baffles the Internet

9-14-2018 | 18

The photograph, which was posted on Reddit, shows a car with so much shine that it appears almost invisible.

Space & Astronomy

Huge magnetic tail discovered behind Mars

10-22-2017 | 7

NASA scientists have revealed the existence of an invisible magnetic tail trailing behind the Red Planet.

Science & Technology

Toyota has patented a 'cloaking device'

8-23-2017 | 9

The car manufacturer is aiming to use a form of cloaking technology to improve driver visibility.

Science & Technology

UK soldiers test out new 'invisibility cloak'

3-21-2016 | 13

British troops have been conducting field trials of a new type of camouflage material known as Vatec.

Science & Technology

Scientists claim invisibility breakthrough

9-19-2015 | 14

A new type of 'invisibility skin' has been developed that can render a microscopic object invisible.

Science & Technology

Are vast plasma tubes floating above us ?

6-3-2015 | 33

The Earth appears to be surrounded by giant, invisible tubes of plasma that fill the sky above our heads.

Science & Technology

US army puts out call for invisibility cloaks

5-9-2015 | 20

The army is attempting to secure cutting edge materials capable of rendering its soldiers invisible.

Space & Astronomy

Earth protected by invisible 'force field'

11-28-2014 | 46

Scientists have identified an invisible shield around our planet that protects us from deadly electrons.

Science & Technology

Material makes items invisible to the touch

6-26-2014 | 19

An amazing new nano-material is able to render any object hidden beneath it undetectable.

Science & Technology

Land Rover designs 'invisible' car bonnet

 VIDEO  4-10-2014 | 15

The manufacturer has unveiled its concept for a car with a bonnet that the driver can see through.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Invisible' UFOs filmed in infrared

 VIDEO  7-21-2012 | 50

Skywatchers are reporting strange unidentified flying objects that only show up using infrared.

World of the Bizarre

Museum to exhibit invisible artwork

5-22-2012 | 35

London's Hayward Gallery is to break the mould by putting several piece of 'invisible' art on display.

Science & Technology

Researchers 'cloak' a 3-dimensional object

1-28-2012 | 6

New research has rendered a 3D object invisible to the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Science & Technology

Cloaking device for tanks developed

9-12-2011 | 30

A British defense company has developed a way to make tanks invisible in the infra-red spectrum.

Science & Technology

Invisible beam to break up prison fights

2-13-2011 | 21

A new device that can fire a harmless laser-like beam could be rolled out in prisons to break up fights.

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