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The UFO Phenomenon

Netflix's Files of the Unexplained: who was Calvin Parker ?

 VIDEO  4-9-2024 | 5

The first episode of the new Netflix show explores the alleged alien abduction of two men in Pascagoula.

Modern Mysteries

New Netflix show 'Files of the Unexplained' is streaming now

 VIDEO  4-4-2024 | 5

A new 8-part documentary series on Netflix aims to explore a multitude of famous unexplained mysteries.


New Netflix 'Alien Prophet' docuseries explores the Raelian movement

2-21-2024 | 9

The movement, often described as a cult, is based around the idea that humans were created by an alien race.


Gargantuan millipede the length of a car reconstructed for Netflix show

 VIDEO  12-3-2023 | 3

Millions of years ago, the Earth was home to some truly titanic insects including one particularly enormous millipede.

The UFO Phenomenon

Netflix UFO show 'Encounters' is proving to be a big hit

 VIDEO  10-3-2023 | 4

The documentary series, which is currently available on the streaming platform, explores four major UFO incidents.

The UFO Phenomenon

Netflix show 'Encounters' explores Broad Haven Triangle mystery

 VIDEO  10-1-2023 | 15

A new Netflix show takes a closer look at a spate of over 450 UFO sightings that were reported in a remote area of Wales.

The UFO Phenomenon

Netflix is planning a Barney and Betty Hill UFO movie adaptation

12-23-2022 | 17

The iconic UFO incident is set to become a movie courtesy of Netflix and the Obamas' production company.

Modern Mysteries

Netflix drops trailer for upcoming third season of Unsolved Mysteries

 VIDEO  10-13-2022 | 3

The recent revival of the classic real-life mystery series is set to return once again for a third season next week.

Modern Mysteries

New DB Cooper documentary is out on Netflix

 VIDEO  7-13-2022 | 4

A new documentary series is covering the story of one of the most infamous and mysterious skyjackers in US history.

Space & Astronomy

Just how realistic is the movie 'Don't Look Up' ?

 VIDEO  1-17-2022 | 6

The popular Netflix movie might be fictional, but some of it may be closer to reality than we would like to think.

Metaphysics & Psychology

New Netflix series to explore life after death

 VIDEO  1-4-2021 | 131

The streaming service has released a new trailer for its upcoming documentary series 'Surviving Death'.

Modern Mysteries

'Unsolved Mysteries' to return for Halloween

8-23-2020 | 4

The Netflix revival of the popular 80s investigative series is set to return again for a second run of 6 episodes.

Modern Mysteries

Netflix posts up 'Unsolved Mysteries' evidence

7-15-2020 | 4

Amateur sleuths have been poring over a Google Drive archive of evidence pertaining to the show's new cases.

Modern Mysteries

'Unsolved Mysteries' reboot coming to Netflix

 VIDEO  6-24-2020 | 20

The show's original creators have teamed up with the producers of 'Stranger Things' to revive the classic show.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Tiger King' star speaks out about thylacines

5-4-2020 | 14

Jeff Lowe, who featured prominently in the hit Netflix series, has offered his views on the Tasmanian tiger.

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