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The UFO Phenomenon

Strange UFO-shaped structure shows up on Norwegian lake

 VIDEO  9-17-2022 | 20

An object resembling a flying saucer has appeared on a lake in Norway, but not everything is as it seems.

Archaeology & History

Viking gold ring found in bundle of 'cheap jewelry'

7-22-2022 | 2

A woman in Norway discovered the ring mixed in with a bundle of cheap trinkets and jewelry purchased at auction.

Archaeology & History

Lost viking mountain pass reveals its secrets

 VIDEO  4-16-2020 | 5

Melting ice in Norway has revealed a long-lost Viking-era mountain pass brimming with archaeological discoveries.

Nature & Environment

Divers encounter incredible underwater 'blob'

 VIDEO  10-18-2019 | 4

This remarkable object, which is believed to be a mass of squid eggs, was found in the waters off Norway's coast.

Modern Mysteries

A mystery illness is killing dogs in Norway

9-8-2019 | 6

Authorities have been struggling to get to the bottom of a spate of dog deaths involving an unidentified disease.

Modern Mysteries

Beluga whale found wearing Russian harness

 VIDEO  4-29-2019 | 9

The whale, which was spotted off the coast of Norway, is thought to have escaped from a Russian military facility.

Space & Astronomy

NASA launch sparks 'alien invasion' fears

 VIDEO  4-8-2019 | 13

A recent NASA rocket launch produced a strange and rather spectacular light show in the skies over Norway.

Science & Technology

U-boat wreck is dubbed 'underwater Chernobyl'

10-15-2018 | 9

With its 60-ton cargo of mercury, the wreckage of U-864 is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Science & Technology

Doomsday seed vault hits the one million mark

 VIDEO  2-26-2018 | 2

The most recent consignment to arrive at the facility has brought its total number of deposits up to 1,059,646.

Science & Technology

Doomsday vault flooded by melting permafrost

5-20-2017 | 25

Norway's Svalbard Global Seed Vault has been breached by water flooding in through the entrance.

Science & Technology

'Doomsday' library joins Norway seed vault

4-8-2017 | 4

A new facility for archiving some of the world's most important documents has opened in the Arctic.

World of the Bizarre

Man climbs in to toilet, has to be rescued

8-26-2016 | 12

A man in Norway ended up stuck after climbing in to a lavatory to retrieve his friend's mobile phone.

World of the Bizarre

Norway is planning to give Finland a mountain

7-30-2016 | 15

The summit of Mount Halti could be gifted to Finland to celebrate 100 years of independence from Russia.

Nature & Environment

Norway's wildlife still plagued by radiation

4-11-2016 | 19

30 years on, Scandinavia is still suffering from the after-effects of the world's worst nuclear disaster.

Modern Mysteries

Could methane explain the Bermuda Triangle ?

3-14-2016 | 30

A new discovery off the coast of Norway could help to solve the long-running Bermuda Triangle mystery.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Viking settlement found in Norway

12-26-2015 | 15

A huge 1,500-year-old Viking fishing village site has been unearthed during excavations at an airport.

Modern Mysteries

Earthworms rain from the sky over Norway

4-17-2015 | 15

Reports from across Norway have described peculiar deluges of worms cascading from the heavens.

Science & Technology

Doomsday vault receives first tree samples

3-2-2015 | 11

Norway's Svalbard depository enables the storage and research of seeds from all over the world.

The UFO Phenomenon

CIA admits to causing 1950s Norway UFO wave

7-5-2014 | 30

A mysterious spate of UFO sightings over Norway in the mid-20th century has finally been solved.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Bigfoot' filmed in Norwegian meadow

 VIDEO  5-25-2014 | 65

A somewhat unconvincing video of an alleged hominid ape creature in Norway has appeared on YouTube.

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