Saturday, July 11, 2020
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70 years on, Roswell continues to intrigue

Posted on Saturday, 8 July, 2017 | Comment icon 165 comments

What really crashed near Roswell in 1947 ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Ken Lund
Today marks 70 years since the recovery of a 'flying disc' at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.
There are few events in UFO lore as hotly debated as the Roswell incident, an event that has been covered in countless books, documentaries, TV shows and movies over the last few decades.

It all began back in June 1947, several weeks before the official press release on July 8th.

William Brazel, a foreman working on the Foster homestead, discovered a quantity of debris spread out approximately 30 miles north of Roswell. He returned with his family on July 4th to gather some of it up, but after hearing reports about 'flying discs' he decided to mention it to Sheriff George Wilcox.

Wilcox then spoke to RAAF Major Jesse Marcel who came to examine the debris for himself.
In an official announcement on July 8th, public information officer Walter Haut declared that a "flying disc" had been found in the area, however the military, intent on covering up the true nature of the debris, later declared that it was actually little more than a crashed weather balloon.

By then however it was too late and in the years that followed, witness testimonies started to emerge of "alien bodies" being recovered at the scene and rumors of a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft at Roswell became firmly ingrained in the public consciousness.

Today, the official records show that the debris had actually been from some sort of nuclear test monitoring project, however conspiracy theorists continue to believe that it was something more.

"Roswell is really the ground zero of the UFO phenomenon," said former MoD UFO researcher Nick Pope. "It's the place not just where there was a sighting, here the suggestion was that something crashed, if that's true, the US government has in its hands definitive evidence that we are not alone."

Given the amount of time that has passed and the uncertainly surrounding these events however, it seems unlikely that we will ever know for sure what really happened.

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Tags: Roswell Incident, UFO

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #156 Posted by Prif_the_Pirate on 14 September, 2017, 1:20
I originally opened this thread to see what people say. I want to believe that there were aliens involved, but that's a different story. I did, however, end up in tears over the new a**hole you ripped CeresExpo2000 . Whatever we choose to believe, there's no excuse for poor research and bad facts. FAKE NEWS
Comment icon #157 Posted by The Silver Thong on 14 September, 2017, 2:02
Telling the truth is now wrong 
Comment icon #158 Posted by Merc14 on 14 September, 2017, 2:10
The truth?  Very confusing post.  
Comment icon #159 Posted by Prif_the_Pirate on 14 September, 2017, 2:25
What does this even mean? Where in my post did I say telling the truth was wrong?
Comment icon #160 Posted by NYCEddie on 14 September, 2017, 4:06
You make me laugh! You say: " there's no excuse for poor research and bad facts." And then you proceed to admit that you "believe that there were aliens involved," in an event that is a fantasy rather than factual. You don't want "bad facts" as there is no such thing! Facts come from factual. You obviously did not do any serious research and prefer, instead, on believing the popular excrement name "The Roswell Incident". Bah, humbug!
Comment icon #161 Posted by Stiff on 14 September, 2017, 8:23
You missed out the important part of the quote. Here, I'll add it for context...   There's a big difference between the two, you should know that. Spoiler    
Comment icon #162 Posted by The Silver Thong on 14 September, 2017, 11:35
I wasn't quoting you I was just pointing out the truth can get you in trouble. 
Comment icon #163 Posted by Dejarma on 14 September, 2017, 14:52
what truth are you referring to? 
Comment icon #164 Posted by Prif_the_Pirate on 14 September, 2017, 15:37
I said that I would like to believe. I did not say I believe. That means that I know what I would like the outcome to be, but I will not alter facts and skew perception to make it so. If it wasn't alien related, so be it. Before jumping to conclusions, please read the whole post.
Comment icon #165 Posted by Prif_the_Pirate on 14 September, 2017, 15:38
Ahhh I see. Thanks for the clarification. Yes the truth can get you into trouble #Snowden #Wikileaks

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