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Viral video shows yogi in deep meditation during heavy snowstorm

2-28-2024 | 38

The footage, which sparked some intense debate online over its authenticity, appears to be the real deal.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Drone footage shows alleged 'Bigfoot' walking through snowy forest

 VIDEO  7-18-2023 | 21

A piece of footage that has been doing the rounds on TikTok shows a bipedal ape-like creature trudging through the snow.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Bigfoot' caught on camera near Provo in resurfaced footage

 VIDEO  11-13-2022 | 20

A mysterious figure was spotted moving through the snowy foothills of Utah in footage captured back in 2019.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Snowboarder encountered 'Bigfoot' in Colorado Rockies

1-18-2022 | 32

A British man who had been snowboarding in the Rockies observed a mysterious bipedal creature.

Science & Technology

French designer envisages real-life Snowpiercer

7-12-2021 | 3

Esteemed designer Thierry Gaugain has designed an opulent 'palace on wheels' for those who can afford it.

World of the Bizarre

Man fakes murder to get road cleared of snow

2-17-2021 | 1

A man in the Ukraine told police he had killed someone so that they'd have to plow his road to reach him.

World of the Bizarre

Realistic 'dead' snowman puzzles police team

2-16-2021 | 3

Police in the Netherlands were out on patrol recently when they spotted a person lying lifeless in the snow.

World of the Bizarre

Chocolate 'snow' falls on town in Switzerland

 VIDEO  8-19-2020 | 1

Residents of the Swiss town of Olten were perplexed to discover cocoa powder falling like snow from the sky.

Science & Technology

The snow on the Italian Alps is turning pink

7-6-2020 | 2

Scientists have been investigating why large swathes of glacial ice have turned a peculiar pink color.

Space & Astronomy

'Space snowman' is two stars merging together

3-4-2020 | 0

Astronomers have identified a 'bizarre' ultra-massive white dwarf star that may be more than meets the eye.

Science & Technology

Snow turns 'blood red' around Antarctic outpost

2-27-2020 | 3

Scientists working at a Ukranian research station have revealed that the nearby snow has turned an odd color.

World of the Bizarre

'Iceman' is buried in snow for 13 minutes

 VIDEO  2-14-2020 | 4

Daredevil Oleg Rezanov's most recent stunt saw him being buried in snow with no protective clothing.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Another 'Bigfoot' shows up on WSDOT webcam

1-26-2020 | 32

Authorities in Washington have recorded footage of a figure trudging through the snow near Snoqualmie Pass.

World of the Bizarre

Woman survives after heart stops for six hours

12-7-2019 | 3

The 34-year-old hiker succumbed to hypothermia after getting caught in a snowstorm in the Pyrenees.


Snowden searched CIA's files for proof of aliens

10-24-2019 | 73

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed what he found when he searched the CIA for evidence of alien life.

World of the Bizarre

Storm leaves kangaroos frolicking in the snow

 VIDEO  8-13-2019 | 6

Unusual footage showing the strange combination of kangaroos and snow recently went viral on social media.

World of the Bizarre

Man trapped in snow survives on hot sauce

3-6-2019 | 8

Jeremy Taylor and his dog resorted to eating sachets of Fire Sauce after getting stranded in snow for five days.

Nature & Environment

Rare Yosemite 'firefall' stuns park visitors

 VIDEO  2-23-2019 | 7

This spectacular natural phenomenon turns a waterfall of melting snow in to a fiery cascade of bright orange.

World of the Bizarre

Toxic black snow covers the streets in Siberia

 VIDEO  2-16-2019 | 9

Residents of the Kemerovo region of Siberia have been uploading images and videos of the phenomenon.

Modern Mysteries

Owl-shaped snow circle shows up in field

 VIDEO  2-15-2019 | 12

An impressive piece of artwork shaped like an owl's head has been filmed via drone in a snowy Wiltshire field.

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