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World of the Bizarre

Fossil licking and zombie spiders among 2023's Ig Nobel Prize winners

 VIDEO  9-15-2023 | 3

The annual ceremony celebrates some of the strangest science projects imaginable.

Nature & Environment

Sea spiders can regrow their anuses, new study finds

1-29-2023 | 5

A new study has highlighted the impressive (and sometimes bizarre) regenerative abilities of sea spiders.

Nature & Environment

New evidence suggests that even spiders have dreams

 VIDEO  8-9-2022 | 5

A behavioral ecologist has made a fascinating discovery that could challenge what we know of arachnids.

Nature & Environment

Pack-hunting spiders detect vibrations and swarm their prey

3-8-2022 | 3

As if one spider wasn't bad enough - imagine being set upon by 1,000 of them in a giant web...

Nature & Environment

Spiders and ants use zinc to sharpen their teeth

9-6-2021 | 1

Scientists have determined that zinc-infused proteins enable spiders and insects to puncture tough skin.

Nature & Environment

How can sea spiders grow to such huge sizes ?

 VIDEO  4-12-2019 | 3

Scientists have determined how sea creatures living in the depths of the polar oceans become so enormous.


Prehistoric spider fossils' eyes still glow

2-18-2019 | 6

Fossil spiders discovered in South Korea still have glowing eyes despite being over 110 million years old.

Nature & Environment

Spiders filmed hanging in the sky over Brazil

1-12-2019 | 19

The eerie phenomenon, which can occur during hot, humid weather, is an arachnophobe's worst nightmare.

Nature & Environment

'Furry animal' turns out to be clump of spiders

1-5-2019 | 23

Footage from north-western Mexico shows why it's best not to poke at anything that's hiding inside a hole.

Nature & Environment

Parasitic wasp turns spiders in to zombies

11-29-2018 | 4

Scientists have discovered a horrifying new species of wasp in the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Space & Astronomy

NASA captures image of 'spiders' on Mars

7-14-2018 | 7

Peculiar surface features that resemble large spiders can be seen in the latest image from NASA's Mars orbiter.

Nature & Environment

Terrifying parasitic wasp found in the Amazon

7-9-2018 | 7

Scientists have discovered a new species of wasp that lays its eggs on spiders using its massive stinger.

Nature & Environment

Scientists solve mystery of flying spiders

7-6-2018 | 7

It turns out that spiders are able to stay airborne over vast distances using the Earth's natural electric fields.

Science & Technology

Scientists train spider to jump on demand

 VIDEO  5-9-2018 | 13

Jumping spiders are capable of launching themselves six times their body length from a standing start.

Science & Technology

Fear of snakes 'is of evolutionary origin'

10-21-2017 | 18

A new study in Germany has suggested that we are born with an innate fear of snakes and spiders.

Nature & Environment

Sea spiders pump blood using their guts

 VIDEO  7-11-2017 | 1

With bodies consisting almost entirely of legs, these undersea arthropods are truly bizarre creatures.

World of the Bizarre

Deadly spiders emerge from bunch of bananas

5-2-2017 | 19

A family had to be evacuated from their home after a nest of spiders was found on a supermarket banana.

Nature & Environment

Spiders eat 800 million tons of prey a year

3-15-2017 | 23

New research has revealed that spiders eat twice as much animal prey as humans do each year.

Nature & Environment

Gigantic sea spiders reported at the poles

 VIDEO  12-30-2015 | 16

Scientists have discovered that some species of sea spider have been growing to abnormally large sizes.

Nature & Environment

Spiders can sail across water like ships

7-4-2015 | 5

It turns out that spiders are able to traverse expanses of water using their silk as a makeshift sail.

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