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Modern Mysteries

Secret underground tunnels found in Mexico

9-8-2015 | 11

Subterranean passageways once believed to be an urban legend have actually turned out to be real.

Science & Technology

China plans 13,000km rail link with America

7-12-2015 | 18

China is hoping to link up the two countries with a land route that would pass beneath the Bering Strait.

Space & Astronomy

'Cryobot' could tunnel beneath Europa's ice

6-15-2015 | 4

Scientists are developing a robot designed to explore the ocean beneath Jupiter's icy moon.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery bunker discovered in Toronto

 VIDEO  2-26-2015 | 70

Police are attempting to find out who built an elaborate tunnel near the venue for the Pan Am Games.

Archaeology & History

Hidden chambers found under Teotihuacan

11-3-2014 | 15

Archaeologists excavating a subterranean tunnel below the ancient city have unearthed three new chambers.

World of the Bizarre

Escape attempt by zoo wolves backfires

7-17-2014 | 16

A pack of wolves at a zoo in Winnipeg managed to dig a tunnel straight in to the polar bear enclosure.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery object blocks borer under Seattle

12-30-2013 | 67

The world's largest tunnel-boring machine has run in to a mysterious object and nobody knows what it is.

Archaeology & History

Geologists map tunnels beneath Rome

12-4-2013 | 4

Undearneath the ancient capital lies a complex labyrinth of tunnels and quarries dating back millennia.

Archaeology & History

Hidden rooms found in Temple of Quetzalcoatl

4-23-2013 | 10

Researchers have been using a special robot to explore tunnels below the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

World of the Bizarre

Gang dig 100ft tunnel to steal £6000

1-15-2012 | 14

In a bizarre robbery a gang spent six months digging a tunnel to steal money from a cash machine.

Modern Mysteries

'The Great Escape' 4th tunnel 'George' found

11-20-2011 | 6

A fourth escape tunnel built by prisoners of the PoW camp Stalag Luft III has been discovered in poland.

Archaeology & History

Huge network of Stone Age tunnels found

8-6-2011 | 75

A vast network of neolithic tunnels built 12,000 years ago would have criss-crossed the UK and Europe.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Swamp monster' threatens rail project

7-30-2011 | 20

A multi-billion dollar railway tunnel project is in doubt over land patrolled by a swamp monster.

Archaeology & History

Tunnel found under temple in Mexico

6-3-2011 | 17

Archaeologists have discovered a tunnel under the Temple of the Snake in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery pistol uncovered

4-26-2011 | 17

The double-barrel of an old pistol has been discovered at a New Zealand tunnel dig site.

Archaeology & History

Robot explores 2000-year-old tunnel

11-15-2010 | 42

Archaeologists have used a robot to explore an ancient tunnel under the Teotihuacan ruins.

Space & Astronomy

Tunnels on Moon can habitate humans

4-9-2010 |

India's Chandrayaan-1 has found tunnels below the surface of the Moon that could one day be a home to humans.

Archaeology & History

Has the original Labyrinth been found ?

10-30-2009 | 3

An elaborate network of underground tunnels found in a disused quarry on the Greek island of Crete is now thought to be ...

Space & Astronomy

Hole found on the moon

10-23-2009 | 27

A hole found on the moon is thought to potentially lead down to a vast underground tunnel system. Carved by lava, tunnel...

Archaeology & History

Cave complex beneath Giza Pyramids ?

8-20-2009 | 4

British explorer Andrew Collins has claimed to have discovered an extensive series of chambers and tunnels underneath th...

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