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Statue of the Virgin Mary 'sheds tears' in El Canal, Mexico

 VIDEO  11-15-2023 | 113

Footage of the phenomenon, which worshippers have described as a 'miracle', was recently shared online.


Pope comments on Virgin Mary statue 'tears of blood' controversy

6-5-2023 | 16

The pontiff's intervention came in response to the case of a woman who is under investigation for allegedly faking 'miracles'.


Virgin Mary chalk drawing reappears 13 yrs on

 VIDEO  10-14-2020 | 108

A chalk drawing of the Virgin Mary has mysteriously reappeared 13 years after it had faded away.


Virgin Mary statue 'cries tears of blood'

 VIDEO  4-16-2017 | 47

Hundreds of people have been flocking to Argentina to witness what some are calling a modern miracle.


Vatican investigates Medjugorje apparitions

6-14-2015 | 12

The Vatican is set to rule on the validity of a long history of Virgin Mary sightings in Bosnia.


Crowds flock to see glowing statue in Belgium

3-16-2014 | 34

A luminescent statue of the Virgin Mary has been attracting huge crowds of people on a daily basis.


Virgin Mary statue 'weeping tears of oil'

 VIDEO  2-13-2014 | 30

Crowds of people have flocked to a small town in Israel to catch a glimpse of the weeping statue.


Virgin Mary appears in hospital window

 VIDEO  11-12-2012 | 120

Hundreds of Catholics have gathered outside a hospital in Malaysia after the image appeared in a window.


Workers see Virgin Mary in sandpit

3-19-2011 | 20

Workers at a construction site in England believe they've seen the Virgin Mary in a satellite image.


Virgin Mary statue cries tears in library

2-3-2011 | 38

Visitors to a religious book lending library in Ohio believe a statue of the Virgin Mary is crying.


The man who 'sees' Virgin Mary every day

8-21-2010 | 13

In the small village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina the Virgin Mary has reportedly appeared every day.


Virgin Mary 'appears in tree stump'

7-10-2009 | 33

A tree stump in Ireland has attracted thousands of people to a rural churchyard when workmen cutting down trees came acr...

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