Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Ghosts & Hauntings

Couple claim 'possessed' doll has caused car crashes and illnesses

11-23-2022 | 11

A husband and wife believe that their Annabelle Raggedy Ann doll has been the cause of all manner of misfortune.

World of the Bizarre

Bored housewife spends years faking Russian history on Wikipedia

7-18-2022 | 8

An incredible hoax spanning hundreds of articles on the world's biggest online encyclopedia was recently exposed.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Couple spots 'bus-sized' creature in Loch Ness

9-26-2020 | 119

Corey Sturrock and his wife had been out for a walk when they spotted something very large in the water.

World of the Bizarre

Man requests sword fight to settle legal dispute

1-18-2020 | 39

A Kansas man has requested a duel with his ex-wife and her lawyer to 'resolve their dispute on the field of battle'.

World of the Bizarre

You can now buy a holographic 'wife' in Japan

 VIDEO  8-18-2018 | 22

The Gatebox virtual assistant takes the form of a holographic anime girl who you can interact with.

Modern Mysteries

Woman arrested over 1990 'killer clown' case

9-27-2017 | 9

Authorities in the US have arrested a woman on suspicion of murdering her future husband's former wife.

Science & Technology

Facebook CEO aims to rid world of all disease

9-23-2016 | 23

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have pledged $3 billion towards the ultimate goal of 'ending all illness'.


'Wife of Jesus' papyrus 'very likely' a fake

6-19-2016 | 35

It is now almost certain that the 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' is nothing more than a modern-day forgery.

World of the Bizarre

Couple lose out on $52M win due to faulty app

1-3-2016 | 15

A husband and wife from the UK missed out on the lottery jackpot despite matching all six numbers.

World of the Bizarre

Man wields Klingon Bat'leth during argument

11-22-2015 | 13

A Star Trek fan brandished the deadly weapon after his wife got in to an argument with their neighbor.

World of the Bizarre

Man survives plunge off 4,000ft cliff

2-22-2015 | 19

Mamitho Lendas had been taking photographs of his wife when he accidentally stepped back over the edge.


Jesus' wife parchment is not a fake

4-11-2014 | 66

A fragment of papyrus with writing that references the wife of Jesus is believed to be genuine.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Sir Alec Guinness once witnessed a ghost

2-16-2014 | 21

The legendary award-winning actor detailed his encounter in a recently published letter to his wife.

Nature & Environment

Monkey midwife helps to deliver baby

2-12-2013 | 8

Humans are not the only species to offer assistance to someone who is in the process of giving birth.


Report on Jesus' wife papyrus delayed

1-12-2013 | 24

The article was expected to detail the discovery of a 4th century parchment which references Jesus' wife.

World of the Bizarre

UK housewife 'raised by monkeys in jungle'

10-22-2012 | 27

Marina Chapman spent five years of her childhood being raised in the jungle by a colony of monkeys.


Vatican claims 'Jesus wife' parchment is fake

10-1-2012 | 159

The recently revealed papyrus fragment referencing the wife of Jesus is said to be a 'clumsy forgery'.


Papyrus makes reference to Jesus' wife

9-19-2012 | 159

A message inked on an ancient scrap of papyrus seems to suggest that Jesus may have been married.

World of the Bizarre

Man divorces wife over her 550 cats

5-27-2012 | 40

An Israeli man has divorced from his wife because she chose her brood of 550 pet cats over him.

World of the Bizarre

Couple brew bizarre pizza-flavoured beer

2-5-2012 | 17

A husband and wife team have given up their normal jobs to produce a type of beer that tastes like pizza.

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