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Strange happenings

October 24, 2018 | Comment icon 0 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by Annex from Cheshire.
I bought my house around 9 years ago now. A victorian house age 1890.

First experience came from my 6 year old at the time who slept in same bad that night. My daughter saw a white glow crawling all over me which scared me and run around the house trying to get it off but nothing there.

Second was a child saying mama right next to me! Third, a clock ticking very fast next to my ear! Fourth, a sit on my bed when I was in my bedroom alone. Five, two men talking like over a radio hear static but nothing electronic on! Six, a tugging on my jumper always when I alone.
This appears now to have stopped as I spoke to whatever was doing this and said this scares me, however on all occasions except the first I felt no fear, which I thought was strange! I am a scaredy cat! It always seem to happen either I was just about to go sleep or I waking up. It felt like it meant me no harm.

Everytime I had a experience though I had a unpleasant event happen, and it I know this sounds silly but I wondered if it was was warning me about events. No more experiences lately and hope if I not a complete fantasist that this spirit has found peace.

Has anyone else had this experience, my eldest daughter had the sitting on the bed too next too her!

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