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Giant flash of light

January 2, 2019 | Comment icon 2 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by EstradaTx...C from Pomona, California.
My experience takes place in 1998. I was in 3rd Grade and still can't find an explanation as to what happened that day. I was 8 years old running around on the school yard. I recall the exact place on the playground I was on.

I recall the weather being slightly gloomy and just how ordinary the day was. Then I remember heading towards the field to accompany some friends playing. Suddenly, there was a huuuge blast of light in front of me the light covered a third of the space in front of me the light didn't hurt but I noticed after taking a couple more steps that I was the only one moving at a normal pace. Everyone on that field that day whether jumping in the air or making any action was moving at very slow speed.

If they were jumping their feet didnt touch back down until the light stopped. I remember looking around to see if I was the only one being affected. I dont remember being too scared just shocked, I still am.
Anyway after what seemed like a couple seconds the light shrunk back into itself and disappeared or went away. The light itself was bright as bright as the sun but a whitish very light blue color. There was no sound it's like everything but me stopped. When it was over everyone kept playing and the day went on like nothing happened.

In the weeks following I started to lose my vision and the headaches started. Before that day I sat around the 4th or 5th row and had impeccable vision. I remember one certain headache after that where my mom was crying didnt know how to help me I felt like I was going to die.

Has anyone reading this gone through anything similar ? Or anyone in that area by any chance that experienced it with me ? It changed me forever and cant shake it off or provide an explanation for it. Email me or reachout if you'd like to.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by SecretSanta 5 years ago
This seems more medical than anything else. Wondering if you told your parents about the light and if you were ever taken to the doctor?
Comment icon #2 Posted by Jon the frog 5 years ago
Maybe you suffered a stroke in the occipital lobes. Located at the back of the brain, the occipital lobes are responsible for visual perception. Damage to them results in loss of visual capability or inability to identify colors or hallucinations.

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