Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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NASA recreates famous 'Earthrise' photo

Posted on Thursday, 26 December, 2013 | Comment icon 16 comments

The Apollo 8 'Earthrise' photograph. Image Credit: NASA
More than 45 years on, the iconic Apollo 8 photograph has been reconstructed in a new video.
On Christmas Eve in 1968, Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders, the first astronauts in history to orbit the moon, emerged from behind the lunar sphere to witness a spectacle that would define man's place among the stars - the sight of our own planet Earth peeking out above the horizon.

"In lunar orbit, it occurred to me that, here we are, all the way up there at the moon, and we're studying this thing, and it's really the Earth as seen from the moon that's the most interesting aspect of this flight," said Anders, who took the now famous photograph of the spectacle.

Now 45 years on, NASA has been able to reconstruct the sight of the Earthrise precisely as the astronauts would have seen it using data collected by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

"This new simulation allows anyone to virtually ride with the astronauts and experience the awe they felt at the vista in front of them," the space agency said in a statement.

Source: NBC News | Comments (16)

Tags: NASA, Earthrise, Apollo

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by qxcontinuum on 27 December, 2013, 7:29
But the video released by nasa is a simulation video...meaning not comments are pointless
Comment icon #8 Posted by ShadowSot on 27 December, 2013, 9:37
DO you know the difference between a camera intended to take pictures of far off planets and suns from the cameras used on the Apollo missions? We're talking more than a few pixels here.
Comment icon #9 Posted by BSimmons on 27 December, 2013, 15:51
"Real Nasa Moon Footage" not a single star throughout the entire video
Comment icon #10 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf on 27 December, 2013, 16:36
I'll repeat what I said last time: Now as you clearly know nothing about photography, exposure times and how that affects what is and isn't visible on a photographic image why don't you take my advice, go the the conspiracy section (the clue is in the title) find the Moon Hoax thread and ask why there are no stars in the picture there? You might just learn something.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Never_A_Straight_Answer on 28 December, 2013, 1:30
Your defensive overreaction to a simple question is quite telling... Why didn't NASA ever adjust exposure and take a photo of the stars from the moon on any of its missions? Watch the press conference of the Apollo 11 astronauts after they supposedly returned from the moon. Do they act like they just achieved the greatest feat in the history of mankind?
Comment icon #12 Posted by ShadowSot on 28 December, 2013, 3:17
Why would they? They were not there to study stars, so why would they try to take pictures of stars? Not having traveled to the moon, I can't guess what the proper reaction should be of someone who has been to the moon.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Peter B on 28 December, 2013, 3:19
G'day Never_A_Straight_Answer, and welcome to the forum. Is it? What would you say if Waspie didn't reply? "See, he doesn't have an answer. We must be on to something."? Us poor Apollo supporters...we can't win. ;-) A few answers come to mind: 1. Why? NASA's astronauts went to the Moon to study, well, the Moon. That's why they collected rocks and stuff. What would they achieve by taking an ordinary light photo of stars? 2. Taking photos of stars from the Moon is hard - you'd need an exposure time of 30+ seconds. That means you'd need a tripod to ke... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by Adirondack-Bob on 4 January, 2014, 3:11
Sounds like we have a "We didn't land on the moon" tin hatter amongst us. No stars were in the photo for the same reason no stars were in photos of the men who walked on the moon. The reflection of the sun off the moon's surface was too bright, washed out the stars. Same reason you don't get stars in a daytime photo pointed up to the clouds. The stars are still there.
Comment icon #15 Posted by ChrLzs on 4 January, 2014, 10:48
Sorry, one more offtopic post.. Hopefully to be continued . I (like all informed folks) know this one!!! Apart from anything else, it's because .. only an completely uninformed (or deliberately trolling) person would think that taking a pic of stars in DAYTIME on the moon and without a decent (=heavy and big) telescope would be any better than it would be on a clear night here on earth.. That is an absolutely daft idea. It is easily provable that the tiny improvement in clarity of stars viewed from a vacuum is completely and utterly overwhelmed by the huge problems in trying... [More]

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