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Ancient Mysteries

How did the Egyptians align the Great Pyramid?

2-21-2018 | 5

Archaeologist and engineer Glen Dash has worked out how such a precise alignment was achieved.

Ancient Mysteries

Vast Mayan city found in Guatemalan jungle

2-3-2018 | 9

A major new discovery has revealed tens of thousands of hidden pyramids, houses, defence works and more.


World's tallest man meets shortest woman

 VIDEO  1-30-2018 | 6

Giant Sultan Kosen from Turkey was pictured with tiny Jyoti Amge from India in front of the Pyramids this week.

Ancient Mysteries

Is there an iron throne in the Great Pyramid?

1-17-2018 | 5

Professor Giulio Magli believes that the pyramid may be home to a throne carved from the core of a meteorite.

Ancient Mysteries

Archaeologist criticizes 'hidden chamber' find

11-5-2017 | 1560

Zahi Hawass has spoken out about the recent discovery of a large void in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ancient Mysteries

Mysterious void found inside Great Pyramid

 VIDEO  11-2-2017 | 1560

Japanese and French scientists have announced the discovery of what could be a large hidden chamber.

Ancient Mysteries

Pyramid construction mystery has been solved

 VIDEO  9-24-2017 | 32

New evidence has shed light on exactly how huge stone blocks were transported to the site of the pyramids.

Ancient Mysteries

Hunt is on for hidden 'recess' in Great Pyramid

8-6-2017 | 1560

Scientists working on the ScanPyramids project believe that the Khufu Pyramid contains secret chambers.

Ancient Mysteries

'Underworld' tunnel found beneath Teotihuacan

 VIDEO  7-8-2017 | 4

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious tunnel underneath the ancient city's Pyramid of the Moon.

Ancient Mysteries

Burial chamber of Egyptian princess found

5-14-2017 | 15

Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery inside a 3,800-year-old pyramid in Dahshur, Egypt.

Ancient Mysteries

Pyramid-shaped tomb is unearthed in China

 VIDEO  3-21-2017 | 23

A mysterious 2,000-year-old tomb with a pyramid-like shape has been found beneath a construction site.

Modern Mysteries

Half-buried 'pyramids' spotted in Antarctica

11-28-2016 | 26

An eagle-eyed Internet user has spotted some peculiar pyramid-shaped structures on Google Earth.

Ancient Mysteries

Two 'secret rooms' found within Great Pyramid

10-18-2016 | 1560

Two previously-unknown cavities have been identified within the walls of Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient 'machine' protected the Great Pyramid

7-14-2016 | 19

A special security system outside the King's Chamber was intended to prevent thieves from breaking in.

Ancient Mysteries

Great Pyramid is actually slightly lopsided

6-20-2016 | 26

The Great Pyramid of Giza, as it turns out, is not quite as perfectly designed as is generally believed.

Ancient Mysteries

New scanner to help unlock pyramid's secrets

6-5-2016 | 6

A new type of scanning technology is being employed to look for hidden chambers inside the Great Pyramid.

Ancient Mysteries

New scans reveal ancient 'pyramids' in Poland

 VIDEO  3-22-2016 | 6

A megalithic site featuring ancient tombs even older than Egypt's pyramids has been found in Poland.

Ancient Mysteries

'Thermal anomalies' found in Khufu pyramid

11-10-2015 | 104

A new scan of the Khufu pyramid has turned up possible evidence of a hidden chamber within its walls.

Ancient Mysteries

Experts to conduct new scans of the pyramids

10-29-2015 | 104

An international team is planning to use modern scanning technologies to seek out hidden chambers.

Ancient Mysteries

16 pyramids discovered in Sudan cemetery

9-17-2015 | 5

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of more than a dozen small pyramids near the town of Gematon.

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