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Africa's T. rex was one of the last dinosaurs

5-4-2017 | 6

An extremely rare fossil belonging to an ancient predatory dinosaur has been found in a mine in Morocco.


Prehistoric footprints unearthed in Tanzania

12-14-2016 | 7

Several sets of footprints left by an ancient human ancestor have been found at the site of a new museum.

World of the Bizarre

Cobra takes up residence in apartment toilet

 VIDEO  12-1-2016 | 5

An enormous venomous snake has been managing to evade capture in an apartment complex in South Africa.


Cancer evidence dates back 1.7 million years

 VIDEO  9-19-2016 | 6

Scientists have found signs of bone cancer in the fossil remains of an early South African hominin.

Science & Technology

1920s plan sought to drain the Mediterranean

9-18-2016 | 9

A prominent German architect once proposed joining Africa and Europe by draining the Mediterranean Sea.

Archaeology & History

500-year-old shipwreck found in the desert

6-8-2016 | 11

Diamond miners have found a shipwreck laden with gold after draining a lagoon on Africa’s Skeleton Coast.

The UFO Phenomenon

Green 'wormhole UFO' spotted over Cape Town

11-30-2015 | 24

A strange green light was photographed over South Africa by numerous witnesses during the weekend.

Science & Technology

1,111-carat diamond unearthed in Botswana

11-19-2015 | 11

A monstrous diamond, the second largest ever discovered, has been dug up at a mine in Africa.

World of the Bizarre

86-year-old woman climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

11-9-2015 | 6

In a remarkable feat of old-age endurance, the pensioner reached the summit of Africa's tallest mountain.

Nature & Environment

Florida invaded by giant African land snails

7-31-2015 | 17

Authorities in Florida have been attempting to curb the recent influx of the world's largest gastropod.


Spinosaurus hunted its prey from the water

9-12-2014 | 6

The meat-eating behemoth is believed to have stalked the prehistoric waterways of North Africa.

Nature & Environment

Elephants have world's best sense of smell

7-23-2014 | 14

African elephants have more genes dedicated to smell than anything else in the animal kingdom.

Science & Technology

'Super bananas' could save millions of lives

6-18-2014 | 35

A new genetically engineered type of banana could help to solve vitamin A deficiency across Africa.

Nature & Environment

Woman stung by bees over 1,000 times

3-10-2014 | 31

A huge swarm of Africanized honey bees attacked an elderly woman and two firefighters in California.


800,000-year-old human footprints discovered

 VIDEO  2-7-2014 | 34

The earliest known human footprints outside of Africa have been uncovered on England's east coast.

Nature & Environment

Giant blue diamond unearthed in South Africa

1-22-2014 | 17

A rare and highly valuable blue diamond has been found in South Africa's famous Cullinan mine.

Nature & Environment

Lions in West Africa are facing extinction

1-15-2014 | 17

A recent survey has suggested that there are only around 400 of the animals left in the entire region.


Skull discovery sheds light on early humans

10-20-2013 | 16

A skull dating back 1.8 million years has offered new insights in to the story of human evolution.

The UFO Phenomenon

Falcon 9 rocket generates UFO sightings flap

 VIDEO  10-1-2013 | 17

Reports have flooded in of strange phenomena in the skies over South Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Modern Mysteries

Hundreds flee 'cursed' army base

8-17-2013 | 17

Up to 200 students have fled from an army base in South Africa after a recent bout of mass hysteria.

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