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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Giant paw print sparks Australia big cat debate

3-1-2020 | 12

The discovery of a large feline print in the Blue Mountains has reignited speculation of a mystery big cat.

Nature & Environment

Giant funnel-web spider is twice average size

 VIDEO  2-6-2020 | 12

A gargantuan funnel-web spider that is double the normal size for its species has been discovered in Australia.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Thylacine traffic warning sign raises eyebrows

12-21-2019 | 7

Police in Australia are on the look out for whoever put up a sign warning people about the legendary cryptid.

World of the Bizarre

Australia heatwave: man cooks pork in his car

 VIDEO  12-19-2019 | 7

Australia's heatwave is now so extreme that one man claims that he was able to use his car to cook a roast.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Thylacine hunter to spend two years in the bush

12-14-2019 | 18

Neil Waters is preparing to spend two years living in the Australian bush in an effort to capture a live thylacine.


Hundreds sign up to storm Australia's Area 51

11-26-2019 | 8

Several Facebook pages have cropped up to promote Australia's answer to the infamous 'Storm Area 51' event.

World of the Bizarre

Inventor charges farmers $50,000 to make it rain

10-24-2019 | 19

An Australian weather modification firm has drawn fierce criticism for selling rainfall to drought-hit farmers.

The UFO Phenomenon

Two brothers saw a 'UFO battle' 40 years ago

10-20-2019 | 38

Rob and Phil Tindale have stood by their claim that they witnessed two UFOs battling in the skies over Australia.

World of the Bizarre

Storm leaves kangaroos frolicking in the snow

 VIDEO  8-13-2019 | 6

Unusual footage showing the strange combination of kangaroos and snow recently went viral on social media.

Science & Technology

Civilization will end by 2050, report claims

6-4-2019 | 96

A new paper from an Australian think tank has predicted that human society will collapse within 30 years.

World of the Bizarre

Man's chest catches fire during heart surgery

6-3-2019 | 13

Surgeons managed to accidentally set a man's chest cavity on fire during an operation in Australia.

Nature & Environment

Three-eyed snake found on Australian highway

5-2-2019 | 5

A baby carpet python with a very unusual feature was found recently near the town of Humpty Doo.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery sea monster bites shark's head off

3-31-2019 | 41

An Australian fisherman couldn't believe his eyes when he reeled in the decapitated head of a huge mako shark.

World of the Bizarre

Man's life saved as mobile phone blocks arrow

3-14-2019 | 11

A 43-year-old man in Australia narrowly escaped death this week after his phone was hit by an incoming arrow.

World of the Bizarre

Woman returns from holiday with snake in shoe

2-25-2019 | 6

A woman who had been visiting her daughter in Australia returned to Scotland with an unexpected stowaway.

The UFO Phenomenon

Police release footage of 'UFO' during storm

 VIDEO  2-19-2019 | 17

A video recording of a strange light in the sky over Australia was posted online this week by Broome Police.

Nature & Environment

Bees can do arithmetic, new study finds

2-7-2019 | 6

Scientists from Australia and France have determined that bees are capable of mastering basic maths skills.

World of the Bizarre

Woman bitten by snake hiding in her toilet

1-25-2019 | 8

59-year-old Helen Richards got the surprise of her life when the reptile sank its fangs in to her posterior.

Nature & Environment

Strange sea creature washes up in Australia

12-22-2018 | 9

Social media users have been attempting to determine what this peculiar tentacled monstrosity actually is.

The UFO Phenomenon

Man photographs UFO over Kangaroo Island

12-13-2018 | 42

Andrew Isaacson had been visiting Australia's Cape Willoughby Lighthouse when the picture was taken.

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