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Space & Astronomy

Shatner space trip confirmed for October 12th

 VIDEO  10-5-2021 | 56

Captain Kirk himself - William Shatner - has confirmed that he will be venturing to the edge of space next week.

Modern Mysteries

Has Capt. Cook's ship Endeavour been found ?

9-17-2019 | 4

Maritime archaeologists believe that they may have finally identified the wreck of the HMS Endeavour.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Titanic captain's haunted mirror up for auction

11-20-2018 | 14

A mirror that reportedly belonged to Captain Edward John Smith is expected to fetch over $12,000.

Modern Mysteries

HMS Endeavour may have been found in the US

9-19-2018 | 4

The final resting place of one of the world's most famous ships has reportedly been found after 240 years.

Modern Mysteries

Captain Cook's Endeavour may soon be found

8-11-2018 | 2

A dive team is hoping to uncover the final whereabouts of the ship in the waters of Newport Harbor next month.

Modern Mysteries

300-year-old mass pirate grave discovered

3-29-2018 | 4

The grave is believed to be the final resting place of Captain 'Black Sam' Bellamy's 100-strong crew.

Space & Astronomy

Captain Kirk books his name on trip to the Sun

3-7-2018 | 11

William Shatner is one of thousands of people whose names will soon be sent to the Sun on a memory card.

Modern Mysteries

Scott expedition cake discovered in Antarctica

8-11-2017 | 8

The remarkably well-preserved fruitcake was left behind by Captain Scott's ill-fated expedition.

Science & Technology

How much would the Enterprise cost to run ?

7-30-2016 | 23

An engineering firm has attempted to calculate how much Captain Kirk's ship would actually cost to run.

Science & Technology

New 'stealth' ship commanded by Captain Kirk

 VIDEO  12-11-2015 | 29

The United States Navy has launched its largest ever destroyer under the command of Captain James Kirk.

Space & Astronomy

ISS astronaut dons Star Trek uniform in space

4-21-2015 | 16

Samantha Cristoforetti did her best Captain Janeway impression for an epic orbital selfie this week.

Space & Astronomy

NASA awards service medal to Captain Kirk

4-29-2014 | 27

Star Trek's William Shatner has been honored with the space agency's Distinguished Public Service medal.

Space & Astronomy

Captain Kirk turns down trip in to space

9-21-2013 | 28

Star Trek actor William Shatner has turned down a trip in to space because he is scared of flying.

Modern Mysteries

'Top secret' D-Day orders emerge

6-8-2013 | 5

A set of top secret orders for naval captains during the D-Day landings have turned up in an attic.

Modern Mysteries

Scott's wrecked ship Terra Nova discovered

8-19-2012 | 6

The ship used by Captain Robert Scott on his doomed trip to Antarctica has been located off Greenland.


Man charged after alligator eats his hand

8-5-2012 | 31

One Florida airboat captain got more than he bargained for when he decided to feed the alligators.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ex-military pilot reveals UFO encounter

4-4-2012 | 38

Marine Corps captain Larry Jividen has told the story of a UFO he witnessed 40 years ago.

Modern Mysteries

Blueprints of Scott's Discovery ship found

12-27-2011 | 2

Original blueprints for the ship Captain Scott used to sail to the Antarctic have been discovered.

Modern Mysteries

Captain Scott's final letter revealed

12-9-2011 | 5

The final chilling letter penned by Scott's Antarctic expedition has been revealed for the first time.

Modern Mysteries

Shipwreck linked to 'Moby-Dick' found

2-14-2011 | 6

A shipwreck skippered by the captain who inspired Moby Dick has been found off Hawaii.

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