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The UFO Phenomenon

Neil deGrasse Tyson: 'we have crowdsourced an alien invasion'

12-16-2022 | 11

The popular astrophysicist is certainly no fan of the term 'unidentified aerial phenomena' or the idea of alien visitation.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mothman festival honors Point Pleasant's infamous legend

 VIDEO  9-15-2022 | 32

Crowds of revelers are expected to descend on West Virginia this weekend to celebrate all things Mothman.

Nature & Environment

Newly discovered jellyfish looks like a flying saucer

 VIDEO  4-23-2022 | 2

Scientists have revealed the discovery of the world's largest known crown jellyfish and it looks decidedly alien.

Modern Mysteries

Report dismisses Havana Syndrome theories

10-2-2021 | 5

A declassified report seems to dismiss the idea that Havana Syndrome is caused by microwave weapons.

World of the Bizarre

Crowds gather to see 'mango with human face'

 VIDEO  6-15-2021 | 9

A peculiar spectacle in the form of an oddly-shaped mango has recently been generating interest in Kenya.

Modern Mysteries

Weird audio illusion leaves listeners divided

 VIDEO  6-10-2021 | 36

A short audio clip of a football crowd chanting over and over has proven rather difficult to interpret.

Modern Mysteries

Box from Aleister Crowley's house is opened

 VIDEO  11-13-2020 | 13

A mysterious box allegedly found beneath the floor of Boleskine House has been opened on camera.


CIA agents attacked by 'microwave weapon'

 VIDEO  10-25-2020 | 30

The alleged attack took place in Australia last year and has been blamed on Russian security service agents.

Nature & Environment

Crows may be self-aware, new study claims

10-3-2020 | 14

Researchers believe that crows may be one of the few non-human species to possess a form of self-awareness.

Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's home 'to be restored by 2022'

6-28-2020 | 3

The Loch Ness home of the infamous occultist could become a major tourist attraction within two years.

World of the Bizarre

Guinness crowns new world's shortest man

 VIDEO  5-13-2020 | 0

Edward Nino Hernandez of Colombia has been officially recognized as the shortest man on Earth.

Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's house: 'discoveries' teased

4-13-2020 | 5

Restoration works at the fire-ravaged Loch Ness home of the infamous occultist have recently began in earnest.

World of the Bizarre

Punxsutawney Phil emerges for Groundhog Day

 VIDEO  2-2-2020 | 11

Crowds gathered in Pennsylvania today for the annual event made famous by the 1993 Bill Murray movie.

Modern Mysteries

Bags of Aleister Crowley's house go on sale

1-4-2020 | 16

The current owners of the infamous occultist's Loch Ness home are selling bags of its charred remains.

World of the Bizarre

Dog turns on microwave, sets house on fire

12-3-2019 | 7

A dog that was left home alone in South-East England recently managed to set his owner's home ablaze.


'Storm Area 51' could be a disaster, say locals

9-20-2019 | 44

Local businesses and authorities are 'preparing for the worst' as crowds start to descend on the region.

Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's house burns down again

8-1-2019 | 12

The fire-ravaged Loch Ness home of the infamous occultist has been further damaged by another fire.

Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's house set to be restored

 VIDEO  7-8-2019 | 47

The fire-ravaged remains of the infamous occultist's Loch Ness home have been purchased by three investors.

Nature & Environment

Footage of weird 'gorilla crow' goes viral

6-25-2019 | 6

A recent video from Japan shows what appears to be a crow engaged in some rather peculiar behavior.

Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's Loch Ness home up for sale

4-19-2019 | 22

The eerie building, which was gutted by a fire in 2015, was once owned by the infamous writer and occultist.

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