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Could intelligent aliens move entire stars ?

6-20-2018 | 33

A new theory suggests that an intelligent alien civilization may try to collect and store stars for energy.

Space & Astronomy

'Energy bubble' could destroy the universe

4-4-2018 | 6

Physicists at Harvard University have suggested that the universe could end almost as abruptly as it began.

Nature & Environment

New study finds that polar bears are starving

2-2-2018 | 9

The diminishing Arctic sea ice is making it almost impossible for polar bears to satisfy their energy needs.

Science & Technology

DoD wants to develop autonomous bat-drones

 VIDEO  1-6-2018 | 3

A new competition has been launched to help develop animal-like drones powered by directed-energy beams.


15 mystery high-energy radio bursts detected

8-31-2017 | 15

The unidentified radio pulses were picked up from an unknown source in a distant part of the universe.

Science & Technology

Can the Yellowstone supervolcano be stopped ?

8-19-2017 | 17

NASA has come up with an ambitious new plan to cool down the supervolcano by using it as an energy source.

Science & Technology

'Fusion power on grid by 2030', says scientist

 VIDEO  7-8-2017 | 13

MIT scientist Earl Marmar believes that we could all be benefiting from nuclear fusion energy before too long.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Breatharian couple claim to live on 'energy'

6-17-2017 | 35

Camila Castello and Akahi Ricardo claim to eat only a tiny amount of food and say they never feel hungry.

Nature & Environment

Why do flamingos stand on only one leg ?

5-24-2017 | 14

Scientists have determined that flamingos prefer to stand on one leg as it helps them conserve energy.

Science & Technology

UK military is now developing laser weapons

1-5-2017 | 12

A new Ministry of Defence project is aiming to test out the benefits of 'directed energy' technology.

Science & Technology

MIT's fusion reactor sets new world record

10-18-2016 | 15

A world powered by practically limitless, clean energy is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

Science & Technology

How much energy remains within the Earth ?

9-20-2016 | 7

How long will it be before the Earth essentially 'dies' and all active processes grind to a halt ?

Space & Astronomy

Has Hawking radiation been proven correct ?

4-25-2016 | 10

Stephen Hawking's theory of energy being emitted by a black hole may finally earn him a Nobel Prize.

Space & Astronomy

Large fireball explodes over the Atlantic

2-23-2016 | 16

The event, which released the energy equivalent to 13,000 tons of TNT, went practically unnoticed.

Science & Technology

Germany conducts nuclear fusion experiment

2-4-2016 | 23

A future powered by clean, limitless nuclear fusion energy has taken another step forward this week.

Science & Technology

New tech turns radio waves in to electricity

10-4-2015 | 16

A new energy harvesting technology is capable of powering a device from ambient radio frequency waves.


Could we find 'Dyson Spheres' in space ?

3-30-2015 | 112

Could an alien civilization build a large spherical energy-harvesting structure around a distant star ?

Space & Astronomy

Dark energy may be devouring dark matter

11-3-2014 | 16

The mysterious dark energy that permeates the universe may be causing dark matter to evaporate.

Science & Technology

Lockheed claims fusion energy breakthrough

10-16-2014 | 28

The technology giant has announced that it has developed a miniature 100MW nuclear fusion reactor.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Uri Geller claims iPhone bending is psychic

10-1-2014 | 34

The Israeli entertainer claims that the recent spate of bending iPhones could be down to psychic energy.

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