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Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost Adventures to film at 'Conjuring' house

7-27-2019 | 7

Zak Bagans and his team will be filming a two-hour Halloween special at the Perrons' former haunted abode.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost stories abound at Iowa State's campus

7-26-2019 | 1

Over the years, Iowa State has earned a reputation for having one of the most haunted campuses in the Midwest.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Guitar store CCTV captures ghostly activity

 VIDEO  6-24-2019 | 46

A store selling musical instruments in Brighton, UK has been gaining something of a haunted reputation.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Former witches' prison goes up for sale

 VIDEO  6-2-2019 | 8

A former prison regarded to be one of Britain's most haunted buildings has a long and disturbing history.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghosts abound at UK's most haunted prison

 VIDEO  5-21-2019 | 8

Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset is believed by many to be one of Britain's most haunted buildings.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Haunted hospital draws in thousands each year

5-14-2019 | 14

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky is often regarded to be one of America's most haunted buildings.

Modern Mysteries

'Haunted' hotel yields cache of mystery jars

 VIDEO  4-20-2019 | 4

Hundreds of bottles containing human tissue samples have been found at the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Thrift store warns buyers of 'haunted' furniture

3-15-2019 | 14

A Thrift store in North Carolina recently posted up a warning notice about a bedroom suite's haunted past.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Woman faints after viewing 'haunted' painting

3-1-2019 | 17

Lyn Cinderey started to feel unwell after viewing a piece named 'Sinister' at a haunted objects exhibition.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Killer monk' said to lurk in haunted Devon pub

1-11-2019 | 54

Visitors to the historic Cowick Barton in Exeter, England have long reported encounters with the unexplained.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Beer glass explodes on camera in 'haunted' pub

 VIDEO  1-7-2019 | 32

CCTV footage from The Salmon pub in Belford, England shows a glass spontaneously shattering in to pieces.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Jennifer Aniston once lived in a haunted house

 VIDEO  12-15-2018 | 22

During a recent interview, the 'Friends' actress explained that she had been forced to call in a 'ghost whisperer'.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Titanic captain's haunted mirror up for auction

11-20-2018 | 14

A mirror that reportedly belonged to Captain Edward John Smith is expected to fetch over $12,000.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Psychic is investigating 'haunted' motorway

9-17-2018 | 44

One stretch of the M6 motorway in England has gained something of a haunted reputation in recent years.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Cops flee from 'haunted' police station

7-1-2018 | 19

A police station in India's Jharkhand state is reportedly so haunted that everyone leaves by 11pm every night.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Footage of a 'haunted swing' emerges online

 VIDEO  6-27-2018 | 24

A bizarre new video, which shows a swing vigorously moving on its own, has gone viral on social media.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Fire erupts at Shetland's most haunted house

5-30-2018 | 1

Police are investigating a mysterious fire at what is thought to be one of Scotland's most haunted buildings.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Haunted' homestead is scaring away tourists

5-3-2018 | 3

The Oakabella Homestead in Australia is trying to shake its haunted status in an effort to attract more visitors.

Ghosts & Hauntings

UK's first haunted antiques center to open

2-26-2018 | 2

Located in Hinckley, England, the new center will offer visitors a selection of allegedly haunted items to peruse.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Haunted' painting has sold in New Zealand

1-19-2018 | 26

An acrylic painting purchased from an antique store has earned itself something of a haunted reputation.

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