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Archaeology & History

King Tut's blade was made from a meteorite

6-1-2016 | 23

The dagger buried alongside the young pharaoh appears to have been more valuable than previously thought.

World of the Bizarre

Man is killed by meteorite impact in India

2-8-2016 | 43

A bus driver had been walking along the street when a chunk of rock fell from the sky and killed him.

Space & Astronomy

Microbes can survive in space for years

6-1-2015 | 5

New research has emphasized the remarkable persistence of life even in the cold vacuum of space.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds 2km ice ring in Antarctica

 VIDEO  1-13-2015 | 18

German scientists have discovered what may be the impact site of a meteorite that struck 11 years ago.


Mars meteorite may contain evidence of life

12-5-2014 | 13

A chunk of rock that landed in Morocco may hold evidence that life once existed on the Red Planet.

Space & Astronomy

Signs of water found in Martian meteorite

9-16-2014 | 15

Scientists have detected further evidence that life could have once existed on the surface of Mars.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Blazing UFO' sparks panic in Spain

9-9-2014 | 38

Witnesses across the country called the emergency services after seeing the object streak across the sky.

Space & Astronomy

Meteorite falls near Nicaraguan capital

9-9-2014 | 13

A small space rock left a sizeable crater near Managua's international airport on Saturday night.

World of the Bizarre

Skydiver narrowly avoids meteorite collision

 VIDEO  4-4-2014 | 16

Anders Helstrup had been parachuting over Norway when he was almost hit by a falling space rock.

Space & Astronomy

New mineral 'kuratite' found in meteorite

3-23-2014 | 9

An entirely new type of mineral has been identified within a meteorite discovered in Buenos Aires.


Mars meteorite may contain evidence of life

3-1-2014 | 31

An intriguing meteorite believed to be from Mars is thought to contain signs of extraterrestrial life.

Space & Astronomy

Record-breaking impact observed on Moon

2-25-2014 | 12

A meteorite impact on the lunar surface in September produced the brightest flash ever recorded.

Space & Astronomy

Oldest Mars meteorite found in the Sahara

11-25-2013 | 6

A rock discovered in the Sahara desert has turned out to be the oldest Martian meteorite ever found.

Space & Astronomy

Chelyabinsk meteor fragment recovered

10-19-2013 | 7

Russian authorities have managed to haul a huge chunk of the meteor up from the bottom of a lake.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Egyptian jewellery came from space

8-20-2013 | 17

A set of ancient funeral beads discovered in Egypt are made from materials found in a meteorite.

Science & Technology

First Tunguska meteorite fragments found ?

5-3-2013 | 16

Scientist Andrei Zlobin believes he has identified three meteorite pieces in the Tunguska region.


Wickramasinghe in 'alien fossils' claim

1-20-2013 | 60

The astrobiologist has claimed that fossil diatoms found in a meteorite are proof of alien life.

Space & Astronomy

New class of Mars meteorite discovered

1-5-2013 | 3

A unique black meteorite found in the Moroccan desert has turned out to have come from the planet Mars.

Science & Technology

Giant fireball explodes over California

4-27-2012 | 4

Tiny meteorites from an exploding fireball have been found scattered across northern California.


DNA building blocks found in meteorites

8-10-2011 | 51

Scientists have confirmed that components of DNA have been found in meteorites from space.

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