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Science & Technology

Military laser creates voices out of thin air

 VIDEO  3-24-2018 | 15

The Pentagon has been working on a new non-lethal weapon that can make people hear voices and sounds.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of 500-year-old secret code solved

2-4-2018 | 2

A code used by a Spanish king to communicate with his top military commander has finally been deciphered.

Science & Technology

Boeing unveils stingray-shaped military drone

12-31-2017 | 5

The state-of-the-art MQ-25 drone has been designed to provide the US Navy with refueling capabilities.

Science & Technology

Man who prevented World War 3 dies aged 77

9-22-2017 | 9

Former Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov made a decision in 1983 that may have saved the world.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX launches secretive US spy satellite

 VIDEO  5-1-2017 | 11

The private space firm succeeded in sending a top secret US military satellite in to orbit this morning.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds huge haul of WWII dog tags

4-11-2017 | 7

Military expert Dan Mackay found 14,000 Word War II dog tags buried in a field just outside London.

The UFO Phenomenon

Chilean Navy releases unseen UFO footage

 VIDEO  1-6-2017 | 36

The newly declassified video was filmed by a military helicopter that encountered a UFO while on patrol.

Science & Technology

UK military is now developing laser weapons

1-5-2017 | 12

A new Ministry of Defence project is aiming to test out the benefits of 'directed energy' technology.

Science & Technology

DARPA delivers state-of-the-art bionic arm

 VIDEO  12-28-2016 | 3

Military amputees are to be among the first to benefit from DARPA's revolutionary new prosthetic arm.

Science & Technology

US military trials electric brain stimulation

11-14-2016 | 7

Drone operators and other military personnel could have their effectiveness boosted by electrical pulses.

Modern Mysteries

Canadian military investigates strange sounds

11-4-2016 | 54

A surveillance plane has been looking in to reports of a 'pinging' sound in the Fury and Hecla Strait.

Science & Technology

Military is trying to build its own hoverbike

 VIDEO  9-4-2016 | 1

The US Army has been developing a rideable hoverbike concept that looks a bit like a quadcopter drone.

Science & Technology

Defense firm buys out hoverboard company

 VIDEO  7-24-2016 | 7

The jet-powered Flyboard Air hoverboard may soon be seeing use in a range of military applications.

The UFO Phenomenon

Have UFOs been monitoring nuclear sites ?

7-11-2016 | 89

For decades, military personnel at US atomic weapon sites have reported sightings of strange objects.

Science & Technology

Hypersonic rocket could revolutionize travel

5-21-2016 | 7

US and Australian military scientists are working together on an ambitious high-speed aircraft concept.

Science & Technology

Russia's military is now recruiting dolphins

3-11-2016 | 7

A defense ministry tender published online this week has called for five dolphins with 'perfect teeth'.

Science & Technology

US military is working on a neural interface

1-23-2016 | 14

Scientists are developing a way to create an interface between a computer and a soldier's brain.

Modern Mysteries

Giant metal balls fall from sky over Vietnam

 VIDEO  1-10-2016 | 17

Military officials have been conducting an investigation after the objects fell from the sky on Saturday.

Science & Technology

BigDog robot rejected because it's too noisy

 VIDEO  12-31-2015 | 14

Boston Dynamics' quadrupedal robot has been deemed too loud for use during actual military operations.

Science & Technology

The Pentagon is working on 'vanishing drones'

10-13-2015 | 5

A new type of military drone could disappear entirely in to thin air after completing its objectives.

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