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World of the Bizarre

Baby dies after being snatched by a monkey

4-2-2018 | 10

Police in India are searching for a monkey that carried off and killed a small child in the eastern state of Orissa.

Science & Technology

Chinese scientists create cloned monkeys

 VIDEO  1-28-2018 | 1

Two identical long-tailed macaques, Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, have been created by scientists in China.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery 'ape' filmed in La Crescenta woodland

6-8-2017 | 20

Wildlife authorities have been investigating the recent sighting of an ape-like creature in California.

Nature & Environment

60% of primate species are facing extinction

 VIDEO  1-18-2017 | 4

A worrying new study has shown just how vulnerable many of the world's primate species actually are.

Nature & Environment

What would a talking monkey sound like ?

 VIDEO  12-10-2016 | 20

Scientists at Princeton University have simulated what an English-speaking macaque would sound like.

World of the Bizarre

Peta contests court ruling over monkey selfie

 VIDEO  8-14-2016 | 22

The charity maintains that if an animal takes a photograph, the image legally belongs to that animal.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk monkey waves knife at bar customers

 VIDEO  2-19-2016 | 23

A bizarre incident at a bar in Brazil recently saw an intoxicated monkey go on a knife-wielding rampage.

Science & Technology

Surgeon has transplanted the head of a monkey

1-20-2016 | 68

The alleged success could mean that plans to perform a human head transplant in 2017 are still on track.

Archaeology & History

'Lost City of the Monkey God' to be excavated

 VIDEO  1-15-2016 | 28

Authorities have announced an excavation of the mysterious lost city following its discovery last year.

Nature & Environment

Killer monkeys drop bricks on priest in India

12-3-2015 | 31

At least three people are thought to have been killed recently by monkeys in India's Nolanda district.

Nature & Environment

New species of monkey discovered in Peru

8-24-2015 | 6

A new species of titi monkey has been found along the remote Urubamba river in Amazonian Peru.

Archaeology & History

Explorers discover lost city in Honduras

3-3-2015 | 15

The ancient ruins were found during an expedition to locate the fabled 'City of the Monkey God'.

World of the Bizarre

Monkey steals and drops banknotes in India

9-2-2014 | 13

A mischevious monkey turned out to be an unwitting Robin Hood in India's Shimla region at the weekend.

Nature & Environment

Why can't apes learn to speak like a human ?

7-20-2014 | 40

Is it possible for apes to speak English like in the new 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' movie ?

Science & Technology

Monkey's brain controls 'avatar' movements

2-20-2014 | 8

Scientists have managed to enable one monkey to control the movements of a second 'avatar' monkey.

Space & Astronomy

Iran sends second monkey in to space

12-15-2013 | 9

Iran's space program took another firm step forwards this week as a second monkey was flown in to space.

Nature & Environment

Monkey midwife helps to deliver baby

2-12-2013 | 8

Humans are not the only species to offer assistance to someone who is in the process of giving birth.

Space & Astronomy

Iran sends monkey into space

 VIDEO  1-29-2013 | 70

Iran has reported that it has successfully sent a monkey in to space aboard a Pishgam rocket.

World of the Bizarre

Monkey in a jacket perplexes Ikea customers

 VIDEO  12-11-2012 | 31

A Toronto branch of Ikea was the site of an unusual visitor on Sunday in the form of a debonair monkey.

World of the Bizarre

UK housewife 'raised by monkeys in jungle'

10-22-2012 | 27

Marina Chapman spent five years of her childhood being raised in the jungle by a colony of monkeys.

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