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Modern Mysteries

Mystery murder victim shows up in 'Jaws'

8-8-2018 | 10

An unidentified woman who was murdered back in 1974 has been spotted in a scene in the hit Spielberg movie.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Jury used Ouija board to find murderer guilty

5-11-2018 | 19

The 1994 case made headline news after it was revealed that four jurors used a Ouija board to reach their verdict.

Modern Mysteries

Woman arrested over 1990 'killer clown' case

9-27-2017 | 9

Authorities in the US have arrested a woman on suspicion of murdering her future husband's former wife.

World of the Bizarre

Woman murdered during murder mystery show

7-29-2017 | 7

39-year-old Kristy Manzanares was killed on Tuesday during a murder mystery dinner show on a cruise ship.


Was Marilyn Monroe killed over a UFO leak ?

 VIDEO  5-25-2017 | 57

A controversial new documentary claims that Monroe was murdered because she knew too much about UFOs.

Nature & Environment

What is the world's most murderous mammal ?

10-2-2016 | 31

The species most notorious for killing its own in cold blood is perhaps not what you might expect.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Juror excused after visit from victim's ghost

6-14-2016 | 28

A juror for a murder trial in Canada wrote to the judge after the victim's spirit appeared to her.


New Princess Diana murder claim surfaces

8-19-2013 | 67

New information has come to light that suggests Diana may have been killed by a member of the military.

World of the Bizarre

South Korea man blames octopus for murder

9-10-2012 | 26

In a bizarre murder trial, a man accused of killing his girlfriend is claiming that an octopus did it.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Anger over paranormal group's 'spade' claim

9-7-2012 |

Worsley Paranormal Group claimed to have found the spade used by notorious Moors murderer Ian Brady.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Landlord's ghost haunts pub

3-13-2012 | 11

Staff at the Trocadero bar in Birmingham have been spooked by the ghost of a murdered landlord.

Science & Technology

DNA reveals secrets of Oetzi the Iceman

3-1-2012 | 10

Scientists have been investigating what some are calling the world's oldest ever murder case.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Store worker 'possessed' by murder victim

2-24-2012 | 27

The girl who wishes to remain anonymous believes she is possessed by the ghost of a 13-year-old.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can "whisperers" make others kill ?

1-15-2012 | 50

The idea that some murderers can verbally influence others to kill is not a new one.

World of the Bizarre

Wanted man performed DIY plastic surgery

1-29-2011 | 13

A man wanted for murder in Japan performed plastic surgery on his own face to conceal his identity.

Archaeology & History

The search for Genghis Khan

11-17-2009 | 5

Legend has it that when Genghis Khan died in 1227 his lieutenants went to great lengths to keep his death a secret inclu...

Archaeology & History

Skeleton of Cleopatra's sister found

3-17-2009 | 1

Archeologists have identified the skeleton of ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra's younger sister, who was murdered on the...

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