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Bizarre image of alleged 'baby Bigfoot' stirs up debate and controversy

7-15-2024 | 55

This highly questionable photograph of an alleged juvenile Bigfoot has been met with considerable skepticism.

Archaeology & History

Have scientists finally figured out how the pyramids were built ?

5-20-2024 | 4

Scientists have discovered a long-lost branch of the Nile that was the key to the construction of the pyramids.


Some juvenile T. rex fossils are a distinct species of small dinosaur

1-3-2024 | 0

It is now believed that some of the fossils once thought to be young T. rexes are actually adults of a separate species.

Archaeology & History

Archaeological site opens a window on life along the Nile

4-18-2022 | 0

Archaeologists have been learning much about the Nubian civilization that once flourished in ancient Sudan.


Prehistoric baby snake found trapped in amber

7-19-2018 | 3

Scientists have discovered the well-preserved remains of a jeuvenile snake dating back 99 million years.

Nature & Environment

Scientists play classical music for crocodiles

5-5-2018 | 9

The bizarre new experiment aimed to analyze how juvenile crocodile brains react to complex stimuli.


Young T. rex is '1-in-100-million' discovery

3-31-2018 | 10

Palaeontologists have unearthed the well-preserved remains of a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex in Montana.

Archaeology & History

Statue of King Tut's grandmother unearthed

3-29-2017 | 1

A rare alabaster carving of Queen Tiye has been discovered along the west bank of the River Nile.

Nature & Environment

Man-eating Nile crocodiles found in Florida

5-22-2016 | 16

Using DNA testing, scientists have identified at least three of the deadly reptiles in Florida's swamps.

Archaeology & History

Ancient 'nilometer' discovered in Egypt

5-19-2016 | 1

Archaeologists have unearthed a rare structure used by the ancient Egyptians to predict their harvests.

Nature & Environment

First ever juvenile giant squid discovered

10-24-2015 | 6

Scientists have identified the first ever baby giant squid in specimens fished up off the coast of Japan.

Archaeology & History

Ancient treasure found in Nile cemetery

9-2-2014 | 5

Archaeologists excavating several 2,000-year-old tombs have discovered a host of valuable artifacts.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini spots Nile-like river on Titan

12-15-2012 | 26

The massive hydrocarbon-filled river snakes its way over more than 250 miles of the Saturnian moon.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest hippo dies aged 62

8-4-2012 | 15

Donna the Nile hippopotamus lived at Mesker Park Zoo in Indiana for over five decades.

Nature & Environment

Young gorillas seen dismantling traps

7-19-2012 | 37

The juveniles have been observed locating and disabling poacher traps after one of their own was killed.


Fossil nest of baby dinosaurs discovered

11-18-2011 | 10

A 70-million-year-old fossilised nest containing 15 jeuvenile dinosaurs has been found in Mongolia.

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