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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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The UFO Phenomenon

Stunning 'UFO' mirage is an optical illusion

 VIDEO  8-8-2021 | 19

Recently uploaded footage shows what looks like a dome-shaped UFO slowly moving along the horizon.

Modern Mysteries

'Glitch in the Matrix' as plane hovers motionless

 VIDEO  6-30-2020 | 22

Intriguing footage shows an airliner seemingly hovering motionless in the air - but is it just an optical illusion?


'Floating bin' illusion baffles the Internet

4-9-2020 | 25

A very strange optical illusion showing what looks like a floating wheelie bin has recently gone viral online.


'Beach' optical illusion confuses the Internet

7-10-2019 |

This seemingly unremarkable image appears to show a tranquil shoreline on a starry evening, or does it ?

Science & Technology

Optical illusion can determine how old you are

9-23-2018 | 22

According to researchers, your age group can be determined by how you initially interpret this image.

Science & Technology

Why does this arrow always point to the right?

 VIDEO  5-7-2018 | 11

This fascinating optical illusion by mathematician Kokichi Sugihara has left Internet users scratching their heads.


Car appears out of nowhere in puzzling footage

 VIDEO  10-20-2017 | 23

An intriguing optical illusion has been leaving social media users scratching their heads this week.


'Magic tree door' illusion baffles the Internet

5-27-2017 | 9

Stop-motion animator Kevin Parry has created a short video clip that seems to defy the laws of physics.


Exactly what color are these strawberries ?

3-1-2017 | 27

An intriguing optical illusion involving a plate of strawberries has been doing the rounds online.

Modern Mysteries

Ghost ship illusion appears on Lake Superior

 VIDEO  10-12-2016 | 23

An intriguing optical illusion has been caught on camera from the shores of North America's largest lake.


Mike Pence optical illusion surfaces online

7-19-2016 | 25

A recent photograph Tweeted by Indiana governor Mike Pence has left many people scratching their heads.


Train track illusion is baffling the Internet

4-9-2016 | 52

A remarkable optical illusion posted on Twitter has left many Internet users scratching their heads.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can you see a baby's face in this picture ?

10-13-2015 | 64

Scientists have come up with a novel new way to determine whether someone is prone to hallucinations.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of the Mona Lisa's smile solved

8-20-2015 | 14

Researchers have identified a subtle optical illusion responsible for the painting's enigmatic smile.

Space & Astronomy

Solar tsunamis are real, says NASA

11-27-2009 | 5

Up until now the powerful waves of plasma observed on the surface of the sun known as "solar tsunamis" were thought to b...

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